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Blackforest Hunt Alpha, aka BFHMod 0.3, has been released and we are waiting on you guys to give your input!

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Hey there, fans, Ando here!

We're all satisfied and happy over in the Cheeto Community's modding department to proudly call this the very first, working, public version now up for testing and play! We have set up an official server with 16 slots that is fully compatible and configured for the mod, and you can go ahead and join any time you wish! You'll obviously find it in the server list.

Remember, we are in an Alpha version! There are no deer models, and there will be some bugs that we just couldn't iron out for the release, and that's okay. There is nothing that will kill the gameplay (like deer with sniper rifles - don't worry, they can't actually spawn with the m16 or the sniper rifles), but there are obviously some things that may get in the way or seem unpolished.

As expected, you may be able to catch us in-game. Look for anybody with the tag [CC]. Chances are, they are one of the developers and would be happy to answer your questions.


-Lower grade PCs *may* experience abnormal fps lag when facing certain directions. Putting your settings on low fixes this.
-If you can't see the server, well, actually you probably can. The IP is in the mod description if you absolutely need it.

IMPORTANT: If servers are not appearing, make sure Same Version Only is NOT checked, and that the game mode drop down menu is set to all! Repeat if necessary!

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