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what is to be added in next (ideas) weapons will be the first thing to add. forum section so bugs can be reported and general discussion

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Still working hard to add weapons in and more factions, the forum up an running so you can talk about it, report bugs, etc

this is what i have Added in so far:

  • Adeptus Arbites to replace MP's
  • Commissairs
  • Longlas's for Guardsmen snipers
  • some more weapons
  • New races: Necrons, Tau, Adeptus Astartes/Sororitas race
  • new weapons system, adeptus astartes are the only ones who can use certain weapons, armors and other items
  • Vipers will become eldar
  • Jackals will become Darkeldar
  • testing several things

ideas of adding in:

  • darkeldar
  • eldar
  • tau
  • necrons
  • more npc's, bases (particulary space marines and sisters of battle)
  • grey knights
  • chaper change, will be added into the next release

i have also added several poles and the forum is now up and running, more poles will be added later, but at the moment we have space marine and chaos space marine chapters/legions that you would like me to add.

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