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Alpha release 0413a Is Now Live: Our new Advanced Interiors System and More!

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Alpha release 0413a Is Now Live: Advanced Interiors and More!

[ New Assets for You ]

- 114 interior Placeables in a new Advanced Interior System. This system allows you to choose the shape of a building, the interior and exterior wall type as well as many other building customizations. This would be great to implement some sort of player based housing.
- 7 New Square Ground Textures (Space, Modern, Roofing)
- 7 Dirt Road Placeables
- 22 Wall decoration Placeables (paintings, crests)
- 32 Kitchen Placeables
- 16 New Core Playset Miniatures
- 4 Ship Placeables (Large Placeables like this that can be used for an entire adventure are only meant to have a few in a map or they may cause lag for players with lesser computers)

[ System Updates ]

- Loading Map image now displayed while a map is loading
- "F2" when in the playspace makes sure nothing is selected
- Playspace HotKeys "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0" access the panels marked with those numbers.
- Miniatures Auto unlock and Auto lock with the map when moved instead of it being manual.

* New Alpha Builds are available to all donators

** New picture available in our IndieDB gallery

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