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Eleon Game Studios releases Part IV of Alpha Experimental 8.0 with new mobile heater/cooler device, floating bases on planets, huge starter planet update, new POIs, balancing changes and many bug fixes.

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Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to Alpha Experimental 8.0 - Part 4! We are making good progress and are getting close to the final polishing and bug fixing phase.

- Please start a new save game in EXP 4 since we changed the naming of some yaml parameters (you can load old save games but the terrain might have changed)
- Please also make sure you do NOT use custom config.ecf when playing the Experimental version, as this can cause issues when items or their composition or template is changed. To ensure that, go to ..\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration and rename or remove any config.ecf file (You can keep the Config_Example.ecf).
- Survival Constructor is now ‘Portable Constructor’ and former Suit Constructor is now ‘Survival Constructor’!

Phase 4 has again added a few more gameplay elements, like the Mobile Heater/Cooler that can directly be crafted from the Survival Constructor. This should further resolve issues with temperature - of course at the cost that you need to stay close to it.

Apart from changes to the Repair-System, we added a few more features that you will see growing in the next updates, like POI are now allowed to float, several updates on gameplay mechanics, visuals and loads of other changes and improvements!

As always: First play, then Feedback! :)

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Planets

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Solar System Generator - Doku & Feedback

Alpha 8.0 EXP: AI Behavior

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Repair Template & Repair-to-Template

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Suit- and Survival Mechanics

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New food and food-item drop system

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Status Effects / Diseases

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Constructor Progression & Consistency Changes

Note: If you are NEW to Alpha 8.0 please read the individual feedback thread starters as they contain valuable information of the new gameplay mechanics!
Please report all bugs over here:

Bug Reports: Alpha 8 EXP Phase 4

Bug Reports: Solar System Generator

Bug Reports: Controller and Keymapping

Enjoy Phase 4!

Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.0.2 (Build 1621)

Mobile Heater/Cooler:

- Added “Mobile Air Con” terrain placeable (3d model is placeholder and will be replaced soon)
- Added Mobile AirCon to templates (SuitConstr), Techtree and start equipment (easy and medium difficulty)
Temperature: 25 # Target temperature that device tries to attain
TemperatureGain: 30 # Max temperature that device is able to cool down or heat up
(can be changed in Config.ecf)

Floating Bases on Planets:

- Added possibility to switch off Structural Integrity via yaml:
You can now create floating bases by adding a new parameter to the PROPERTIES section of a POI. Have a look into the playfield_static.yaml in this folder for the full syntax: ..\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Playfields\TemperateStarter
- We added a floating Trading Station as an example on starter planet. Please note that this is just to showcase the new feature - we might replace it with a story POI anytime soon.
- We will allow to use random placement of flying bases in the next update (current only fixed placement)

Starter Planet Update:
We did a major rework of the starter planet: it has now a higher diversity (thanks to Needleship)

- Starter biome is now less elevated to avoid too low temperatures
- Added more variation to trees
- Added new POI (Xenu Mainframe) to orbit - thanks to Ramachandra
- Updated POI distribution to avoid spawning of alien towers in radiated biome
- Added promethium and pentaxid to radiated biome
- Added BrainFungus to deco system > it will now spawn in Forest biome

Repair-to-Template and Repair Blocks Update:
- Destroyed repair bays drop only 60% of its ingots now to avoid exploits
- Repairing now costs 1 Iron Ingot per 200 HP (before 100 HP)
- When changing input/status, show "Scanning..." status until next feedback change
- Immediately update Start/Stop repair Button
- Block input grid while repair is in progress
- Better contrast on input field + add border
- Moved "Info" label to separate panel in Repair Bay section
- Force recheck of scanning to ensure no locked state
- Disable Item Drop input when Scanning or Repairing states are active

Template Update:
- Added to Large Constructor: RCS T1 (CV), Landinggear Blocks (CV), Gravity Generator, Flak Shell (CV)
- Portable Constructor: Added Plastic Raw Material

- Reduced energy consumption of O2 Stations to 5kW
- Increased HP of containers from 50 to 100

Constructor Progression & Consistency Changes:
In the upcoming updates (probably starting with late 8.x or 9.0), we plan to change where certain devices can be crafted in context to the specialization for a given structure/vessel.

As this needs more planning and might also need a full new concept of a material-crafting progression, we only removed BA/CV devices from Mobile Constructor (HV/SV) for now, as, after the recent addition of the Survival Constructor (Formerly known as “SuitConstructor”) and the addition of various devices that could not be crafted before, there are now better and alternative ways, which allow us to already add a better fit for a consistent crafting-progression and device specialization to some extend right now.

All those devices listed in the ‘Removal List’ below, can be produced with the Portable Constructor (Which can be produce with the Survival Constructor in a case of an emergency) or in a Base. We also removed some devices, which do not fit the Mobile Constructors assignment, being a device to fix up your small and hover vessel until you get back to Base or CV for full repairs/upgrades. An additional goal is to reduce amount of template clutter as well (As long as other alternatives to craft the removed item are available).

Please note that some of the new or old devices and weapons might still need components that cannot be crafted in the constructor from ores directly. Although this might become intentional for some devices, this will be one of the areas the planned material- and crafting progression will change on a global level in the future.

a) Removal List:
FuelTankMSSmall (Small Fuel Tank), FridgeMS (Fridge T1), WaterGenerator, SolarGenerator (Solar Capacitor), GeneratorBA (Small Generator), FoodProcessorV2 (Food Processor), ConstructorT1V2 (Large Constructor), ArmorLocker, Core, PlayerBike, PlayerBikeKitDoorBlocks (Automatic Doors), LightLargeBlocks (Lights CVBA), LightWork, LightWork02, OxygenTankSmallMS (Small Oxygen Tank), CloneChamber, ContainerAmmoLarge (Large Ammo Box), TrussLargeBlocks, StairsBlocksWood, WoodBlocks, BA and HV Starter blocks, ConcreteBlocks, StairsBlocksConcrete, HullLargeBlocks, HullArmoredSmallBlocks (Advanced block for vessels, not fitting to mobile constructor template progression)

b) Added to Mobile Constructor to enable building all templates available there:
EnergyMatrix, CobaltAlloy, MagnesiumPowder, FluxCoil, Oscillator

Visuals and UI:
- Added veins to resource rock textures

- Copper color tweaks > it has now the expected color of copper again
- Updated visuals and behavior of pickup messages (large panels and icons, only show XP Gains of 500 or greater in XP/Pickup window, etc)
- Terrain "Relief" is now only active in the distance (used for mountains)
- Updated some Control Panel icons
- Improvements to the 3D sector map. Small optimization to map planet loading materials (wait until the planet is visited first)
- Renamed info window when using Survival Tool on deco stones in “Rock Drill” mode

Update of Preview Icons:
We updated a lot of preview icons (especially ore resources + ingots, food items etc) to make them more distinguishable. Please let us know what you think

- Player bike can now be spawned on the poles and near the former green wall
- Added Nutrient Solution to Portable Constructor (now in Food category)
- Triceratops is now classified as Prey again
- Adapted size class distribution of planets (class 2 and 5 have lower probability)
- Grouped MedicBay + all Medical Scanners in one Group
- Loot update: swapped Grilled Vegetables with Fried Vegetables
- Add possibility to set a Special Biome with random location (see starter planet)
- Added new parameter 'BiomesExcluded' to random POI and Resource data in playfield.yaml - use to exclude biomes for random placement. If both 'Biome' and 'BiomesExcluded' are specified, the new one has priority: Added example for BiomesExcluded to starter planet
- Removed movement collider for several plants
- Added Regenerate properties to all POIs and asteroid resources (active if regenerate is enabled in gameoptions)
- Small console is now displayed in the control panel and can be grouped

Updated POIs:
- AI Planetary Patrol Craft - Set updates (thanks to rainyday)

- Xenu Large Power Station + Listening Post (thanks to Dead8Eye & Fractalite)
- Updated Epsilon Radar Station Set (thanks to Captain Jack II, LiftPizzas & Fractalite)
- Added Deep Space Radar Station Set (thanks to Kaeser)

- Added new Tier 1 Stock Base: Thanks to Jenniphurr

- Added 3 new Epsilon POIs (thanks to Fractalite)
- Updated Trading Stations
- POI Talos Back update: put core into a more logical place
- Updated XENU faction POIs > Large Power Station, Advanced Vehicle Port, Advanced Spaceport (thx to Dead8Eye and Fractalite)
- Updated BAO_CrusaldOrbital (thx to Pantera)

POI Radar Station Update + PDA Update:
- Added dedicated Control Room for the last Story Mission (Thx to Ramachandra)
- Fixed Problem when using secret route
- Added Radar-Station internal one-way quick teleport back (convenience; Teleporter needs to be found, though)

Derelict Mining Ship POI update (thanks for your feedback):
- Made the entrance bit more visible, easier to spot where you should start
- Added couple lights to steer you into right direction once inside
- Opened all the hatches and lattices so that you don't have to destroy a single block in order to go thru this dungeon (also makes the 'correct' path bit easier to spot)
- Minor tweaks here and there
- playfield_static.yaml: Added group name "DungeonSpace" for BP Group

Akua-Omicron Scenario Update:
- Added Orbital Trading Station to starter orbit in Akua-Omicron scenario
- Updated POI distribution on Akua
- Activated base in creative mode

Changed Naming of some Devices:
- Changed "Survival Constructor" to "Portable Constructor"
- Changed "Suit Constructor" to "Survival Constructor"
- "Cold effect" is now “Hypothermia”
- "Blackout Cold" (Collapse) is now “Freezing”

Other Changes:
- Deleting Cache on startup of game if the Build number has changed
- Temperature and Radiation is now displayed in BlockInfo
- Repair Console is now exported to Config.ecf
- Weather has less impact on night light intensity
- AI drone: jet fly controller update
- Improved AI drone bomber drone behavior + added new console command to generate base and drone waves
- Underground resource: added console command for voxel to deplete resource (dres) around player (adl). cmd = "dres apl"
- Added new Seaweed05
- Temporarily deactivated startup info
- Tweak orbit map planet model scaling to look a bit better.
- Activate “RegeneratePOIs” from gameoptions.yaml
- Updated Localization
- Mod changes: 3a,b + 5a,b,c,d,e
- Implemented: ModAPI: Player ID missing in Event_PdaStateChange
- Enhanced: ModAPI function for dialog box with up to two buttons and return which button was pressed

Terrain Texture Update:
- All "AlienGreen" textures
- AlienBlack01, GrassBrown, Grass01Brown, Grass06
- Terrain texture fix: RockGrey02 vertical line removed

Controller Update:
- Cursor mode now auto-activates when using the controller while in a menu without full focus-jump/controller support.
- Cursor mode will activate/deactivate when switching devices.
- Reapplied sensitivity curve to controller movement.
- Added full support for picking up objects with controller (Left Shoulder + Y by default).
- Added default controller mappings for SwitchView (click in right stick), main power switch (d-pad up), and rolling (shoulder buttons).
- Applied sensitivity curve to soft cursor.
- Radial window selector menu is now togglable with 'Back' on controller.
- Removed inactive state from radial window selector menu when navigating via controller.
- Added support for controller look sensitivity + inversion.
- Improved input mapping interface a bit to make controller selection more obvious.
- Fixed input device tab scroll restrictions.

Planet Generation Update:
- Supporting now 1. missing SelectionCriteria, 2. SelectionCriteria with first item 'true', 'false' to be either always true or always false
- Added BiomeStampTries to yaml
- AvoidDistance now uses [min, max] (instead of x,z distances)
- Added StampForcesBiomeType: OverlapAll, OverlapOwn, OverlapOther, OverlapOff
- With all StampForcesBiomeType that allow overlap, an overlap of 20% is allowed
- Renamed "StampsForceBiome" to "StampForcesBiome"
Important: all playfield creators need to update their yamls and rename this property. Sorry for the inconveniences

SSG Update:
- Adjusted light to show contrast a bit better (maybe 3d terrain is slightly darker now)
- Stop process when dynamic template may have errors.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Duplicating Survival Constructor
- Fixed: Hotbar items duplicating from the survival constructor
- Fixed: Hotbar items disappearing
- Fixed: Problem that player was sliding on terrain > can you pls verify if it behaves again like before EXP - Part III release
- Fixed: Item dupe
- Fixed: Dropped items from repair bay not properly stacked
- Fixed: Waypoints do not show the shortest route if the waypoint is on the other side of the former green wall
- Fixed: Space AIPV not taking damage from player weapons.
- Fixed: Vessels taking no damage from AI Turrets.
- Fixed: When cutting down a tree with a HV not all of the wood given goes into the Harvest box.
- Fixed: Teleporters on stock POI's target locations are causing players to get stuck in the loading screen.
- Fixed: Voxel Ore Deposits not entirely emptying.
- Fixed: Severe SI issues with POI placements
- Fixed: Lever state is not respecting the saved status
- Fixed: Terrain collectible plants becoming uncollectible.
- Fixed: When resuming a game, a harvested plant cannot be destroyed anymore
- Fixed: Repair bay T1 and T2 does not work anymore
- Fixed: OUTPUT queue of Food Processor does not stop perish timer
- Fixed: Possible to place a T1 RepairBay when having a T2 already
- Fixed: XP and Unlock Points indicators disappear when switching between Suit Constructor and Stats in Player Window
- Fixed: After placing a prefab BA the Solar panels are not turning on in the daytime.
- Fixed: Heavy Window Blocks do not mirror correctly
- Fixed: Problem that the marker after depleting a voxel resource deposit was not removed
- Fixed: AI Drone bomber - wave of bombers doesn't attack the base when far away
- Fixed: Problem that Dimple Dome Plant harvest stage was completely white
- Fixed: Texture stretching on poles seen on planet map
- Fixed: When the HUD timer goes past 00:00 the timer is not displaying correctly.
- Fixed: Random POIs and resources may have been placed too near the former "green wall" or pole area
- Fixed: Waypoint marker when edited will be positioned high above or below where it should be.
- Fixed: Wrong offset of certain stamps
- Fixed: Trading Station with active teleporter spawned in Akua-Omicron setting
- Fixed: Problem that lava texture had inconsistent temperatures
- Fixed: Copy & paste selection area can only be moved 1 block space at a time.
- Fixed: Exception triggered after deconstructing blocks
- Fixed: Repair Bay T2 cannot be upgraded but Multitool plays upgrade sound
- Fixed: Exception when loading into a scenario.
- Fixed: Controller sensitivity setting not working and improved range.
- Fixed: Q&M error after placing the new heavy windows blocks again
- Fixed: Random CoQ when approaching Radar Station in Godmode
- Fixed: Exception whilst mining.
- Fixed: Wrong HP display of Heavy Windows
- Fixed: ModAPI: Extend amount of slots to 49 in ItemExchange window
- Fixed: Stamp output info scroll not working in SSG.
- Fixed: Adding and removing Heavy Window blocks leads to error
- Fixed: Wrong sound when selecting main menu "Player Setup"
- Fixed: Double sound when entering Resume Game window
- Fixed: MaxHealth problem

EAH - Update: Hot Fix (Only for A8.0)
Please make sure to change the Version to Alpha 8 in the Config
- Added: Dedicated.yaml legacy fix
- Added: Gameoptions.yaml RegeneratePOIs

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