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Eleon Game Studios releases Alpha Experimental 6.0 - Release Candidate 4 with regeneration update, POI update and many bug fixes. This will be the last release candidate before public release.

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to the next Alpha 6.0 Experimental update!

Please note that Release Candidate 4 will not be the final version, because recent feedback indicates that we still need to smash more bugs before we can go public. However, until early next week, we will roll out smaller incremental updates in a higher frequency to iron out as many issues as we can - so you do not need to run into them for a full week or more. ;-)

Said that, public release is within reach....expect “Alpha 6.0” to hit your game next week! The exact release date will be announced in a separate Blog Post very soon.

Until then, maybe check out the revamped NPC faction POIs, try the Tutorial, the updated Scenarios or just have a look if your monitor aspect ratio is now fully supported!

Any feedback is welcome! :)

As always: please report any issue or bug over here to help us speed up the pre-release work:

Thanks a lot in advance!

Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.15 (Build 1056)

Regeneration Update:
- Now supporting regeneration of voxel asteroids in space
- For testing: Added regenerate after 2min to voxel asteroids in space (in MP default setting)
- Tweaked regeneration timer of POI in Default MP setting (now 720 min)
- Removed regeneration of POIs in SP default setting

- Player does not die any more when passenger seat or turret is destroyed he was in (instead player will be ejected)
- Slightly increased flying altitude of planet vessels (via playfield.yaml)
- Random distribution: Ensure no Poi driven resources are placed beyond polar barriers
- Planet difficulty (as defined in playfield.yaml) has no impact on xp gains anymore
- Adapted exit positions on some SV cockpits.
- Added new beards: moustache, goatee

- Reduced RoF of laser space drones
- Slightly increased radius around bounding box of POI around which deco is removed to avoid branches of trees clipping into buildings
- Tweaked particle effect of spider and alien bug
- Slower durability reduction on player armors.
- Added more text in description of playfields (WIP)
- Updated description for starting planets on MP default setting.
- Avoid spawning NPCs high in mountains on Desert.
- Tweaked color of fiber plant.
- Upgraded Unity to 5.6.1p1

POI Update:
- Added "HAVOC Rescue Modul" by jmcburn

- Epsilon Faction POI update -> Contributors: Pantera, Fractalite
- Ghost Faction POI update -> Contributors: Fractalite
- Xenu Faction POI update -> Contributors: rainyday, Fractalite
- Rados Faction POI update -> Contributors: LiftPizzas, Frigidman
A big thanks to all creators for their help!

Visuals / Sounds:
- Added possibility to tag all neutral POIs so that they have white HUD marker (new yaml property: MapMarker)

- HUD markers: Red for living enemies, white for dead ones (does not yet apply to Radar-Map)
- Tweaked textures on Akua trees to match visuals from A5.5
- Added better model for promethium stone
- Music now starts after the player is spawned
- Added “mute” audio track to have possibility of a playfield without any background music
- Tweaked attack animation of spiders
- Improved hit animation on several NPCs
- Added more loading screenshots
- Updated preview pic for scenario.

GUI Update / Polishing:
- Now supporting all Resolutions/Aspect Ratios with the New UI: let us know if you still find windows that have overlapping elements in eg 5:4 resolution
- Show "Threshold" Meteorites on Map Window with (D) suffix > "D" like depletion
- Added Resource Info to MP Starter Select Window
- Added Resource and Meteorite Type list to Selected Planet in Sector Map Window
- Tweaked more windows: New Game Menu, Control Panel, Trader NPC Window
- Tweaked Entity Spawner configuration
- Adapted description of starter planets
- Removed Armor Locker Hint from Player Window
- Removed "Origin:" Label in Choose Starter Planet window (now you must add it to Description)
- Adjusted Transparency of several popup windows
- Added Tooltips for Difficulty Settings
- Swapped Signal Logic and Statistics tab positioning in Control Panel
- Lerp fuel / oxygen only when refilling and not when going into ship 1 and then into ship 2
- Allow only integer (no float) for coordinates in map marker popup in starmap

Console Command Update:
- Improved teleport console cmd by adding possibility to teleport to an entity.
- Add ai on/off console command
- Added shortcut for console cmd debugmenu: dm
- "ents" console cmd: showing regenerate time in minutes now

Updated Scenario Invader vs Defender:
- Implemented Solo Mission PDA for all Escape Pod starts
- Implemented first Faction Mission: Alien Ship
- Other tweaks

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Grass / Decoration does not get removed from POIs in Multiplayer
- Fixed: Some NPCs / Predators do not hit you
- Fixed: HV Drill & Minigun Turrets barrel's are partly missing.
- Fixed: FILL ALL does not work with items in toolbar anymore
- Fixed: Motion sensor refuses working when player leaves range with logout or teleport
- Fixed: Problem that you could walk through colliders of blocks after playfield change in MP
- Fixed: Continuous falling through terrain after playfield change in MP
- Fixed: If someone is in cockpit its not possible to fly through hangar door of a CV
- Fixed: Re-entry effect broken / offset
- Fixed: Using the multitool in 3rd person with ALT view mode results in the beam being in the avatars face.
- Fixed: Some issues with regeneration in MP
- Fixed: Hover booster's collision box when placed under a HV prevents the HV from landing flat.
- Fixed: Exception when opening PDA as client in peer2peer
- Fixed: Mechanoids can clip their weapons through wall and fire through blocks this way
- Fixed: AntiGrief distance: Terrain can be destroyed by explosive weapons (FIX for MP)
- Fixed: Map Markers set with "remove on approach" ticked does not remove from the Markers list.
- Fixed: SV Rocket launcher do not shoot if moving the mouse in cockpit / gatling gun hit itself
- Fixed: Landing with a SV on a platform can lead to stuck in it if you exit
- Fixed: If you die due fall damage you get error in MP
- Fixed: Fresh start in an instance causes glitches
- Fixed: Initial Delay meteorites spawn randomly wrong
- Fixed: Backpack is not displayed in the radar map
- Fixed: Exception when opening PDA as client in peer2peer
- Fixed: Setting MaxAllowedSizeClass to 0 prevents anything from being built.
- Fixed: Signal Logic circuits: Scrolling lists issues
- Fixed: Portal to instance corrupt - red and teleports with offset
- Fixed: Device list shows irregularities in line spacing
- Fixed: Spawning the ship attached leads to error
- Fixed: Problem that message “Freighter has been spotted” appeared on planets
- Fixed: Blueprint factory blueprint name will change when selecting another blueprint in the library.
- Fixed: Error when opening the Blueprint window in a creative MP game
- Fixed: Quick Access bar info window can be seen while the game is still loading
- Fixed: Origin for default one (=0) is displayed wrong at new start for MP
- Fixed: Double sounds when opening menu windows
- Fixed: Background Music missing in several playfields
- Fixed: Issue with ingame music switching off in certain situations.
- Fixed: New 'New Game' menu: Buttons overlap text in 16:10 aspect ratio
- Fixed: UI Label Positioning
- Fixed: Problem that jetpack was appearing on gender switching in Player Setup window
- Fixed: Disassembling Alien Honey yields Akua Berry Sprouts
- Fixed: Trying to drag the scrollbar of the entity spawner leads to closing the dropdown
- Fixed scrollbar visibility on New Game and Starter Select windows
- Fixed: New Game menu Difficulty & Start location elements overlapping when switching between Survival & Creative Mode.
- Fixed: Entity Id is not transferred to mod correctly in certain uses cases
- Fixed: Problem with sub-emitters error on drill mode: Terrain Removal.
- Fixed: Reinstated 'Dangerous Space' Solo Mission has minor errors.
- Fixed: In-game messages are not visible when full screen menu is open
- Fixed: Entity spawner configuration shows up in Control Panel on first open
- Fixed: Map rotates and zooms even if your mouse is not in window
- Fixed: Scrolling of World/Sector Map Description panels
- Fixed "Deposits:" Label Color in Map
- Fixed: Localization of Armor Name in Armor Locker and Player Windows

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