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Eleon Game Studios releases Alpha Experimental 6.0 - Part III with a new game start, wreckage POIs, new visibility of sectors, traders, AI update and many more changes and bug fixes. Check it out!

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to stage 3 of our Road to Alpha 6.0. This time we started to add two new major gameplay elements: A revised game start, revealing of sectors and a first version of NPC traders.

While the NPC Traders are still stocking up their storefronts and therefore have been added as inactive NPCs for this release, the new game start can be reviewed right now. In order to not influence your feedback too much, we suggest to simply start a new singleplayer game on Akua and send your feedback over here after having completed Chapter I:

If you are interested in details of the changes and how you can customize your game start individually or if you are all new to Empyrion or Alpha 6.0 Experimental, please read the FAQ over here:
Note: The FAQ content is now also available in the In-game Knowledgebase (F1)!

Of course there is more than only two new features coming with Alpha Experimental 6.0 Part III. We also added and modified the already available features, made a lot of smaller and larger changes (AI, Weather, GUI...) and of course worked on some bugfixes (drones attacking again! ;-)

Just have a look at the changelog below.

Thanks in advance for reporting bugs over here:

As always: Experimental Part III has seen a lot of code changes. If you do not see your issue fixed below, we would like to ask you to re-test your issues and re-report if still happening.

What’s next? For Part IV we aim to smoothen the edges around all the features. Gameplay changes, rebalancings and other necessary steps to improve the usability and game experience are to be expected in this phase, before starting the final bug-fixing stage.

Now - board your escape capsule and have fun! :)

Empyrion Dev Team

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.6 (Build 973)

- Added wreckage POIs to start points on Akua, Ningues, Omicron, Masperon: thanks to Captain Jack, Frigidman, JMCBurn, Runningwithhamster for their awesome creations!
- Tweaked game start equipment on Akua, Omicron, Ningues and Masperon
- Starting on Masperon directly in wreckage POI
- Reduced content of Escape Pod
- Added iron, copper, cobalt, silicon, magnesium to large rocks when destroyed, e.g. rock areas on Akua. This will be a new source of resource in the beginning
- Added Stone that drops Promethium Ore to starter planets.
- Drill T1 is now also able to remove rocks to obtain resources
- Added Motorbike Kit only to Personal Container on Masperon (no motorbike kit on other planets)
- Updated PDA: Added first Story-Tutorial Mission (more to come). Known issue: if you are closer than 100m to the hideout when the mission starts, task cannot be completed. In this case, open the PDA (F1) and manually complete the task by clicking on the task.

Some of the new wreckage POIs that will serve as your first hideout:

Feedback Questions:
- Attention: you have much less equipment now and thus the game start will be much more of a survival experience. Please let us know what you think!
- What kind of wreckage / starting POIs do you expect? Do you like the style of our current wreckage POIs or do you expect something less “Mad Max” style and more “The Martian” style?

- Added revealing of playfields: when you start a game, only the neighboring sectors are visible on the sector map
- Added Console Cmd: playfields reveal / playfields hide

- Added NPC traders to Trading Station Akua / Omicron (planet + orbit): for now only trader model + behavior, trader window soon to come

- Added Assault Cyborg to protect Traders

- Updated Trading Stations (Akua + Omicron) space and planet: added traders, assault cyborgs and more lights

- Longer duration per weather and longer fade-in time per weather
=> Should we increase duration / fade in time even more?
- Now some weather effects can cause damage (fire rain, meteor shower, acid rain, hail)
- Added acid rain (Masperon)
- Activated hail (Ningues)

- Added possibility to disallow CVs on planets via flag (AllowCV: true / false) in playfield.yaml of a planet
* CV are not allowed on ice planet "Aclite" (Example1 scenario) anymore for testing.
* when approaching planet in orbit, message appears and then CV is blocked
* BP spawning not yet adapted (we will disallow spawning of CV via F2)

- Adjustments to Planet Map (added planet description, coordinates etc)
- Adjustments to Sector Map (added new column for planet info)
- Adjustments to Escape Menu

- Added fixed drone bases (that launch space drones) on some space playfields: for now Omicron and Akua Orbit for testing
- Major freighter update + conversion of the all the yaml to the new freighter format
- Reactivated troop transport on planets
- Reactivated drone base attacks on planets
- Drones attack player reliable again
- Planet vessel flies now in 60m altitude (instead of 25m)

- Action list (top right area) is now scrollable
- Implemented "PlayfieldEntered" check
- Added rewarded items and chapters to Task and Chapter Descriptions in PDA menu
- Enhanced pda console command to allow (un)rewarding of ChapterState
- Big Chapter completed message now fully localized
- Console command 'pda' enhanced to show Briefing window and chapter completed dialogs
- PDA Briefing window now has a headline for the chapter preamble

- Improved re-login mechanics with cockpit: When exiting game while in a cockpit, player is placed into the cockpit again (if cockpit has not moved in the meantime)
- Upgraded Unity to 5.6: we are still tweaking the GPU instancing to improve performance for upcoming EXP4 release
- Added share to faction to map markers
- Optimized water reflection (better performance)
- Add Checkbox to Build Settings for "Show Debug Airtight"
- Add Checkbox to Blueprint Window for "Save Damage States"
- Shower can now increase / decrease body temperature (depending on current body temp)
- Portals: Supporting restricting to Origin and Faction limitation
- Updated HV Tier 1 (thanks to Captain Jack)
- Reduced sound of motion sensor + light barrier
- Updated terrain for desert (only under water area): Added a min terrain level to allow for decorations at the bottom of the lakes
- Only consuming 75% of suit-O2 if player is in a structure with helmet on
- Player spawner block is now airtight.
- Weather console cmd on server now requires Moderator level.
- Added weather server + client command to get the current weather.
- Teleport command now also teleports the ship you are controlling
- Added code lock + control panel group "equipment" to functional devices
- Added Localization for all status effects.
- Respawn in medic station: name of the base is shown in respawn window button.
- Mod Interface Update
- Warnings message "you are leaving the playfield" now only appears every 60s and in a distance of 15k in in SP and 50k in MP.
- Adjusted the water level to avoid gap between LODs
- Updated scenario "Dawn of Galaxy" and "Invader vs Defender"
- Added red text for certain quality settings (high impact on performance)
- Do not open Map Marker Dialog when teleporting on map (Shift+LMB/Shift+RMB)

- Improved player controller (better/smoother player animations).
- Tweaked textures on Talon Guardian
- Tweaked drill particles (made them smaller)

- "No Food" status effect has now stronger implications on life stats
- Added "Low Food" status effect
- Tweaked walking speed modifiers: stronger modifiers / add modifiers to more status effects
- Functional deco (bed etc) does not have such a strong stamina boost anymore
- Added more O2 into O2 tanks of POIs: content reaches from 20% to 50% (fuel from 10% to 20%)
- Tweaked Radiation on Masperon (only radiation at water level is now too high for default Heavy Armor)

- Fixed: Problem that there were no Base Drone Attacks
- Fixed: Problem that drones were ignoring player.
- Fixed: MP Blueprint exploit
- Fixed: Many mounted weapons (eg SV Railgun) were able to damage blocks past its effective range.
- Possible Fix: Manned BA artillery. turrets have a higher range than automatic (please test)
- Fixed: Possible to accidentally spawn in Core Enemy Medic Bay
- Fixed: MP start with a new player results in player dropping without pod
- Fixed: Page DOWN not working anymore on non-bedrock terrain
- Fixed: Functional devices like shower, bed, scanners not usable on Player Admin Core structures
- Fixed: Several problems with Status Effects
- Fixed: Food Processor Issues with stomach pills and other templates including Magnesium Powder
- Fixed: Custom Freighters did not spawn anymore
- Fixed: Removing Alien Block like Turret returns Alien Core
- Fixed problem that Lizard Mule were sometimes spawning on mountain on Akua
- Fixed: Repairstation was 1x2 height but counts as 1x1.
- Fixed: Overwriting a Blueprint clears entries in BP Menu
- Fixed: Ventilators > coloring does not match color tone, but gets a reddish or blueish sub-tone
- Fixed: Textinfo given for BA turrets state they are only usable in space
- Fixed: Any block of a foreign station now shows 'wrong faction' message
- Fixed: Control panel 'Add to group' & 'Statistics' show Add Group when cursor is over them.
- Fixed console commands working also when no telnet is activated
- Fixed: Overlapping sector map coordinates + info
- Fixed: PDA: un-checking the "Hide on HUD" checkbox does not remove tasks from HUD
- Fixed: Prevent shooting / XP gain on meteorites (no xp gain for shooting meteorites anymore)
- Possible fix for exploit by SHIFT-LMB clicking
- Fixed: Player Avatar issue when opening inventories
- Fixed: Respawn of Troop Transporter too fast (nearly instant)
- Fixed Origin display in Description in Map/Sector Map Windows
- Fixed "Activate Tutorial" anchoring in PDA Window
- Fixed Positioning of Radar Map Grid
- Mod: Fixed count being 1 too small
- Fixed NullRef when aborting a game while loading

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