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I've got some bad news about the release of the alpha and good news about the rest.

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Greetings everybody! My deepest apologies if you didn't hear any news or anything related to the mod from here or the wiki page, I have been busy myself for a bit, and I bring some news:

  1. For starters, the alpha will need to be delayed, again, for a month. I couldn't expend a lot of time in modding the factions, and knowing it will be one of the most time-consuming changes, I will require more time, plus, the early weeks of May I have exams, lot of 'em, so I may need the last two weeks of April for studying, this means that, work on the mod will be minimal or completly none, but as soon as I finish the exams (because they're the last), I will focus on the mod and maybe between the mid to late May, the alpha will be ready.
  2. Now that we got the "bad" news out of the way, let's me take you to an update: Currently, there's around 850 items in the game, the last ones that have been added are the weaponry used by the Nords, Xhing and the Phanraj. Weapons and Helmets have been added, and soon will be added as well their armors.
  3. I announce a new concept that I have thought up as a new feature for the mod: The Status of Women (obviously not taken from CKII). To make most factions more dynamic and unique, many factions will have some different tolerance towards women, some will allow to have noble women, other will allow women to be soldiers, some both, etc. Giving some flavour and variety to the factions of Calradia. I don't know if adding another troop tree that will be only-women or if I can make possible that regular troops may spawn also women in between, remember, this is just an idea that I have thought up, I will experiment on it and test it for myself, if it works, it may be included in the beta or final release, depending on which stage of the mod I work it on.

    That's all that I have to add, my apologies about the delay, I won't be surprised if some of you end up upset, but I hope you can all understand.
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