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This update features smoother transitions for animal movements, changes to the way objects are displayed, an improved system for constructing buildings and a new plant generation algorithm.

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The tough part in making smoother animal movements was in the way I was calculating movement. Previously if an animal decided to switch directions mid-movement, it could do that straight away. Now the animal needs to complete any movement it's already started before it can change directions.

20150724 SmoothMoves

All objects placed out in the open now show up on screen at the same time. This makes it easier to see objects at a glance.

20150812 Objects

You can now select from multiple images for a single building where available. For example, building walls you can choose the orientation of each piece. The behaviour and underlying properties of the wall pieces will be the same.

20150803 Walls

Finally I've implemented a new plant generation algorithm. For each hex there is a chance of a tree or bush growing, which is checked regularly. If the check passes, then an allowable plant grows on that hex. The probability is affected by factors like amount of soil, fertility and water saturation of each hex. I've found this creates an interesting dynamic where plants are much more likely to grow right after it rains, when the soil is most saturated.

20150808 PlantGeneration

New Features

  • Custom mouse icon with option to turn it off
  • Items on the ground are smaller sized and randomly placed
  • Animals now move smoothly instead of jumping from one cell to another
  • Added ability to select different sprites for building walls
  • Task panel shows object sprites instead of only names
  • Added tutorial for diplomacy panel and foreign tribes
  • Tribe panel scrolling support for lots of tribe members


  • Added more mini-objectives
  • Animals now must complete movement to hex before starting movement to next hex
  • Removed teleporting water which was too CPU-intensive
  • Constructing walls now properly pushes other objects out of hex
  • Rebalanced water evaporation/saturation so puddles stay longer
  • Humans will not procreate unless there is enough prosperity relative to tribe size
  • Turned tree and bush growth calculation into fixed probability
  • Ground water saturation has greater effect on plant growth, massive growth after it rains


  • Fixed bug with task progress not set properly when halfway through task
  • Fixed starting game clicks on something immediately
  • Improved layout of diplomacy panel
  • Fixed direction switches partway through movement
  • Doubled default framerate to 60FPS
  • Fixed animals with unassigned factions not attacking eachother
  • Fixed crashing from adding task with no available materials
  • Fixed trying to build when not enough materials and added tooltip
  • Fixed infinite loop when scout going off map
  • Fixed human not disappearing when going off map
  • Fixed failed build task message appearing when actually successful
  • Fixed buildings not orientated properly when game loaded
  • Major optimisation of water calculations
  • Fixed task building not unreserving materials when not all materials found

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