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This week Alpha 8 has been released. Here's what's new:

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Gameplay mechanics:

  • Rigged Cottages to spawn Blank units
  • Units get trained from Blanks now
  • Wool/Cloth/Recruits removed
  • Warriors take small time to train now
  • Units can be stacked in training queues now
  • Stockpiles
  • Story messages instantiated from dynamic script

Visual mechanics:

  • Rotate houses to face South or West (using spacebar)
  • Set default view from South-West
  • Revised viewport controls and added Q/E to change heading angle
  • Rotate minimap on camera heading change
  • Distinct Units/Houses sight radiuses though fog of war
  • Fog of war GPU optimizations

Map Editing:

  • Automation tools in MapEd (forest, mountains, stone)
  • Choice of terrain type when creating a new map
  • Terrain painting has area of effect now (ground, mountains, water)

Game content:

  • New skirmish 8 players map – “Wheel”
  • 2 new campaign maps – “Citizens” and “Army”
  • 2 new single-player maps by Petr – “Desert” and “Minicampaign”
  • Baker and Carpenter 3D models (not animated yet)
  • Placeholder Axefighter model from Militia model
  • Placeholder mounted units
  • New terrain objects (birch tree, log)
  • Minimap alerts (beacon, attacked, hungry troops)
  • House notifications with icons (no worker, no road, no fish, no ore, no trees)
  • Group orders icons

Other improvements:

  • Fixed forms snapping in GUI
  • Replay button glyphs
  • Large-scale texture variations on terrain
  • FadeIn FadeOut effects on hints
  • Fixed “unlimited” button in workshops
  • Improved Iron/Gold mines wire outlines when placing their plans
  • Slightly rotate houses on placement to break the monotony
  • Allowed to rename players through dynamic script
  • Story missions show description text from libx in menu
  • Fixed jittery warriors animations
  • Added tips to loading screen

As usual – this is still Alpha, there are likely a lot of bugs, flaws, incomplete features, broken mechanics and such. Please report them and also your thoughts on what should be different and why.

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