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Plans for changes coming in Alpha 7. This update will focus on NPCs.

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Alpha 7 Plans

Most of the changes coming in Alpha 7 are going to be involving NPCs. As such this has been deemed "The NPC Update." In this update little to no changes will occur to any of the classes, instead many more variations of enemies are going to be added, and the current ones improved. Here are some planned features.

  • Leveling enemies - As your character levels up, so do the enemies. Variations you once thought urban legend, or saw every once in a while will become the norm. Weak level 1 enemies that you thought the norm will fade into irrelevance and be only occasionally seen as a brief respite from the terrors of the high level enemies. As your level increases more variations will pop up and more types of enemies in general. Some enemies wont be seen until level 100+, while others will make their debut at level 5 or 10. The higher level you get the higher the spawn rate of high level enemies and the lower that of low level enemies. This is going to be one of the main features of the mod, its goal to keep gameplay fresh.
  • Dynamic Battles V 0.2 - Hopefully limited movement of enemies while firing will be completed by this time, allowing me to give this ability to more enemies. This is a very complex thing to add in though and may not make it into the update at all.
  • More info to come as update progresses.
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