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The early access game Caveland gets another update. A part of the update features graphical improvements and a tutorial level.

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Here is a list showing all major changes in this alpha version. You can get the latest version in the download section at humble bundle after you bought the game.

I hope by adding images to the changelog I can show better what has changed for people not familiar with the state of the game.

Beauty Changes & new Features

  • added point light source

  • added more cases for ambient occlusion

  • added power cable

  • added in-game menu

  • added one HUD button to switch between editor and gameplay

  • added barrier blocks

  • added logic blocks (blocks that that work like entities but are blocks)

Further Gameplay

  • added tutorial level
  • added preview for rails when constructing
  • added support for indestructible blocks


  • added alt-click in editor
  • added keyboard access via number keys for the editor tools
  • added button in main menu to create a new empty map
  • added function to load a map from the start game screen

Performance & Stability

  • improved loading speed of map chunks
  • improved stability
  • improved handling of resolution changes
  • improved responsiveness when switching between the editor and the game

Nice. Tracking

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