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Eleon Game Studios releases Alpha 5.5 with updated turret models, improved visuals (eg terrain shader), performance optimizations, updated POIs and many more changes and bug fixes. Check it out!

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are releasing the final regular update for the 5.x version branch, adding visual and performance tweaks, more than three dozen updated POIs and structures, three new drone bases, new freighter routes and more. Moreover, we have added several new truss block shapes and updated some turret models.

Finally, we integrated a first set of optimizations by activating GPU instancing for all devices (windows, containers, thrusters, deco blocks, etc). This change can potentially have a huge performance improvement in playfields with a lot of structures. More optimizations to follow (decorations and grass).

For a list of all the changes please read the full changelog and let us know if you like the changes!

Please help us tracking down remaining bugs and report them over


Empyrion Dev Team


Alpha 6.0 Teaser:
We are working hard on Alpha 6.0, which will be one of the biggest updates since we released the game back in August 2015. Alpha 6.0 will be focused on gameplay improvements and the survival aspects of the game. We will introduce oxygenated rooms, different player armors (each with its own characteristics and upgrade possibilities), environmental hazards (heat / cold, radiation, acid rain, etc), AI controlled vessels on planets, more diversity in AI enemies and much more.

Given the content and scale of the Alpha 6.0 update, we decided to have a longer development cycle as usual. Thus, please do not expect the Alpha 6.0 release before 4-6 weeks (we are aiming for a release in the 2nd week of April - but this may be subject to change). In the meantime, enjoy Alpha 5.5 and keep an eye on the Experimental branch.

We are planning to regularly update you regarding the progress on Alpha 6.0 with a dev blog series "Road to Alpha 6.0".

Here are some screenshots from Alpha 6.0:

In the harsh and toxic environment of Aitis, you should wear your new medium armor to give you enough protection against heat & radiation.

In Alpha 6.0 you will be able to oxygenate your base and walk around with your interior suit (there is a little O2 icon when the room is oxygenated)


Changelog: Alpha 5.5.0 (Build 880)

Overall Turret Model Update:
- Tweaked some of the current CV turrets (minigun turret, plasma turret, artillery turret and laser turret) and made them more streamlined

- Updated model of CV turrets: cannon turret, rocket turret and flak turret

- Updated model of HV turrets: minigun turret, rocket turret and plasma turret

- Added more emissive to turrets
- Updated all turret preview icons
- Default placement color of turrets is now blue metallic

- Improved terrain shader
We improved the terrain shader by introducing more color variations for terrain textures on most playfields. For example, on Akua the grass texture is not a boring green anymore but it now varies from green to brown (we are currently working on the grass shader for the grass to adapt to the color of the terrain texture). You have to start a new game or copy over the new playfield.yamls to fully take advantage of this feature

- Reduced pattern on terrain textures
- Updated specular texture on laser turret and drill turret
- Tweaked laser tracer shots
- Tweaked muzzle of minigun turrets (smaller flash)

Performance Optimizations:
- Activated GPU instancing for all devices
- Memory optimization for structures
- Optimization regarding periodic updates on structures (block power and fuel calculation, turret target detection, plant growing)
- Several other optimizations for explosions and particles

Weapons - Rebalancing and (Performance) Optimization:
- Projectiles of SV and CV mounted pulse lasers are now much faster (in fact, they instant hit the target)
- Removed explosion particle effects of pulse laser weapons
- Reduced splash damage area of Artillery Rockets (this might alleviate the so-called "lag shot problem")

- It is now easier to get Bio Fuel on Masperon (Seaweed underwater) and Ningues (NPC Oviraptor drops seaweed -> this is only a temporary solution)
- Increased drop rate of crushed stone on Ningues and Masperon (however, you have to dig some layers deep before crushed stone drops)
- Increased speed of laser tracers on mounted weapons (SV + CV)

Update POIs:
Almost 40 structures have been updated and a few are entirely new to the game. A big “Thank You” to all the talented creators that contributed with their builds to make Empyrion awesome. For a complete list of updated structures, please refer to the changelogs of the Alpha 5.5 Experimental branch:

- Added new drone bases: Thanks to Dinkelsen, Frigidman, Savinwraith
- Added new Alien Orbital Base to Masperon (see first screenshot). Thanks to Maloverci
- Added 2 new Orbital Trading Stations (Skillon and Zeyhines). Thanks to Arturius1967 and Gh0stZ3r0

- Updated several old POIs (dungeons and orbital stations) with armored/combat steel and new deco. Thanks to Frigidman, LiftPizzas, Captain Jack II, Arturius1967, Pantera
- Updated several old drones bases with armored/combat steel and new deco. Thanks to Arturius1967, Captain Jack II, Frigidman, LiftPizzas

- Added several new truss block shapes

- Added more freighters to space playfields (Zeyhines, Skillon and Trading Station) and updated freighter routes in several playfields
- Added coordinates of objects in starmap when hovering over them
- Hydrogen Oxygen Generator now only produces Hydrogen
- Removed Flares from Blueprint-Class light count calculation (note: they still count as devices)
- Obsolete turrets (very old cannon and rocket) are now forbidden (BP becomes red)
- Increased hitpoints of stairs group
- Increased hitpoints and mass of alien blocks to same level as Combat Steel
- Added space drones to Trading Station space playfield
- Tweaked freighter "Stalos-MK4"
- Added server option "KickPlayerWithPing" to drop players when they have connection problems or too high ping to avoid lag-cheating
- Tweaked CV Prefab Tier 1 (turrets were covering thrusters)
- Added "resetcore" console command (empties the fuel tanks for debugging and testing)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that sun and moon were visible through walls (especially at sunrise/-set)
- Fixed: Problem that accessing turrets after having reloaded mounted weapons lead to ammo loss
- Fixed: Problem that Hangar Doors sometimes have bitten after passing ships (when they were long)
- Fixed: Explosives did not damage blocks they are attached to if aligned vertically
- Fixed: Generators (terrain placeable) removed water patches if placed too close together
- Fixed: Constructor using double amount of resources when only one template is ordered (MP)
- Fixed: Problem with craft start timing in MP by discarding the time passed before template has been put in construction queue
- Fixed: Problem that mounted weapons on the CV were working in the atmosphere of planets
- Fixed: Problem that bottles sometimes disappeared from inventory of (oxygen and hydrogen) generator
- Fixed: Problem that jetpack sound used only left side speaker in first person view when weapon is equipped
- Fixed: Problem that blueprint factory requested more materials than it should
- Fixed: Problem that one could access box content from everywhere in one playfield via registry
- Fixed: Problem that turrets sometimes did no damage when aimed all the way down
- Fixed: Problem that Fuel and Oxygen tanks did not drop container with their content when destroyed or salvaged
- Fixed: Problem that adding more templates in MP while in production, resulted in only 50% output
- Fixed: Problem that FOV of 70-90 lead to clipping issues for several turrets
- Fixed: Problem that Multitool removed different amounts of HP for some devices
- Fixed: Problem that "Round Corner Long Thin" had a missing face when placed against a full block
- Fixed: Problem that Starmap tilted when pressing O while floating in space
- Fixed: Problem that MP Faction Mission GasStation did not complete
- Fixed: Flickering glasfront of warp tank when moving camera
- Possible Fix: Some players did not have lakes/water while using DX11 -> for those who experienced this problem, please let us know if the issue is solved
- Fixed: PDA Chapter 2 Task 4: "Harvest Crops" missing new grow-able plants
- Fixed: Sides of Walkway and Walkway Slope 2 blocks could not be colored anymore
- Fixed: Truss corner did not mirror correct
- Possible Fix for: Ship atmosphere effects not disappearing on a client
- Fixed: Alien Honey (growing plot) had only a 3-blocks view distance
- Fixed: Transparency issues/speckles with Color Tool sprites and some selection glows/icon sprites
- Fixed: Block position of Oxygen Station (BA / CV)
- Fixed: Stone Statue deco was listed usable for CV - but cannot be used
- Fixed: Typo in text for loading screenshots
- Fixed: Word wrapping was missing for some lines in the dedicated.yaml
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions

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