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Eleon Game Studios releases update Alpha 5.4 with improved starmap and many more changes and bug fixes. Check it out!

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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released Alpha 5.4, which is a relatively small update (for our standards). The reason for this “minor” update is that - in parallel - we are working hard on the Alpha 6.0 release. We will inform you very soon in more detail about the development progress and the content of A6.0.

For Alpha 5.4, we have worked on a few more bugfixes. As always, besides some tweaks and refinements, we also introduced something new: the reworked orbital starmap (M). This is now a real 3D map, giving you more control over your view angle and camera rotation.

Starmap controls:
- You can rotate the map with pressing LMB / RMB and moving your mouse (rotation around 2 different axis)
- Scrollwheel: zoom in and out
- W / S / A / D / C / Space => move around in map (should we keep this movement throughout the map?)
- Pressing O reset the camera to default position

Please help us tracking down remaining bugs and report them over here:

Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback - and have fun playing! :)


Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 5.4.0 (Build 867)

- Added first version of new starmap

- Added damage states for new thrusters and updated texture

- Added flares + sound to jetpack

- Updated texture on pulse rifle
- Slightly re-sized antenna blocks so they have exactly "full sized" length (eg 4 blocks high)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that turrets and fixed weapons used twice the amount of ammo on reload (MP only)
- Fixed: Problem that BA stock prefabs Tier 1 - 4 were marked red in Blueprint library
- Fixed: Problem that gravitational center of CV, SV, HV was not always correctly set
- Fixed: CV extreme vibration when build on a flat space (steel/concrete blocks or terrain)
- Fixed: Problem that Pulse Rifle only had a flashlight in third person view
- Fixed: Problem that Portable Worklight stopped emitting light when leaving and coming back
- Fixed: Problem that Terrain Placeables (Oxygen Generator, Hydrogen Generator etc) switched to OFF if player walks away
- Fixed: Green water patches
- Fixed: Problem that line between Trading Station and Masperon in sector map had no arrow (actually it is a one-way jump)
- Fixed: Problem that Light Lantern (Light Group) had no bottom plane
- Possible fix for another registry exception
- Fixed: Internal exception related to UMA character (we finally fixed this exception that follows us for a while now. Thanks to everyone who has sent in a log on the support email: Build 0859 #61AC6, Build 0857 #8FBA2, Build 0844 #D3DBB)

Alpha 6.0 Teaser:

(debug view of a major Alpha 6.0 feature)

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