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Eleon Game Studios releases major update Alpha 5.1 with new loot distribution, CV resource mining in space, reload animations, new flares, new water shader and much more. Check it out!

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Hey Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are releasing Alpha 5.1 to the public. Initially planned as a small bug fixing and polishing update, 5.1 turned into a massive update with many new cool features and improvements as documented in the long changelog below.

Please note that this update will not break your savegame or server world, but if you want to make use of the new defaults like the resource additions and loot distribution changes, these will only work with playfields that were not visited ahead of the update.

Again, we would like to thank all players that gave us valuable feedback and helped in tracking down bugs while version 5.1 was on the experimental branch.

Without further ado, please dive into 5.1, review the changes and new additions and, of course, report and help us to fix remaining bugs and issues right here: [link]

First and foremost: have fun playing!

Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 5.1 (Build 811)

Resources & Mining:
- Added turret drill for CV
- Added Voxel asteroids of all resources (iron, copper, promethium, gold etc) => they can be placed via playfield.yaml
- Added larger variety of Voxel resource asteroids to space
- Added Blue Crystal (Pentaxid) terrain resource texture => currently not yet used in default setup of Empyrion but you can integrate Pentaxid deposits similar to other resources in playfield.yaml
- Renamed Blue Crystal into Pentaxid (raw)

Turret drill for CVs:

Asteroid mining in space:

New Loot Distribution:
- Updated loot: the loot distribution is now much more fine-grained and almost each container has an own "theme" (e.g. food in fridge, etc)

It will now be a lot more rewarding and interesting to explore POIs because you can find more diverse loot depending on the container you are opening:

Reload Animations:
- Added first version of reload animations
- Slightly re-balanced reload times of some handheld weapons

New Flares:
- Added new flares to all light sources
- Added special flares to all thrusters
- Improved sun flares on planets and in space (added more variety of flares)
- Added flare to entry effect of resource asteroids
- Tweaked flares on handheld weapons and tools
- Added light beam effects to flashlight and several weapons / tools
- Added flares to projectiles (all rockets, alien ion cannon shots etc)

New thruster flares:

New light beams:

New Water Shader:
- Added new water shader

Other Additions
- Added new feature: Add / remove 100 templates from / to construction queue via Shift/Control click
- Added new mode to Drill T2 that allows to remove rocks
- Added code locks to LCD Screens and turrets
- Added Shutter Door Size 3x3 for SV / HV
- Added auto rotate to horizontal (jetpack in space) when pressing default key O
- Added snow version of corn dogs and added to Ningues

- Added Ningues as Start Planet in survival -> let us know what you think
- Tweaks to Ningues and Oscutune playfields (+ their orbit)
- Increased content of Warp Drive tank from 25 to 63 slots
- To calculate the Size Class of a Blueprint, we now take into account the number of lights and the polygon count of the building blocks. We added the light count + polygon count to the BP info (full calculation can be found here:
- Added "Allow / Deny" in sectors.yaml. Added example: You can now jump from Masperon to Trading Outpost (Allow - even though more than 25AU away) but you cannot jump from Asteroid Field to Trading Outpost anymore (Deny - even though less than 25AU away)
- Improved controller of Player Drone: it now wobbles less after collision
- Added new collision behaviour for jetpack in space (similar to player drone): less wobbling after collision
- Player does not jump anymore after last step of a stair has been climbed
- Turrets and drones now also shoot at Player Drone

Ningues is now starter planet in Survival mode:

- Added new muzzle effects for handheld weapons
- Added clouds around planet when approaching planet in orbit and added denser clouds when flying high up in air
- Tweaked tonemapping image effect -> pls give us feedback on light intensity during night on all planets: which planet is too dark / too bright / ok?
- Adapted Bloom setting: same Bloom in space as on planet during night, stronger bloom on planet during day
- Re-added space particles and space fog to the orbit to better visualize speed when flying
- Added new blood particle effects
- Tweaked texture on player armor: it is now less shiny
- Disabled star reflection probe in space (problem was that star skybox was reflected on all windows even inside a vessel)
- Improved visuals of sector map (colored lines, directional arrows, etc)
- Re-added lightning particle effect when using turret drill
- Added hit impact to Multitool, Texturetool, Colortool and Drill Turret
- Turned off light on handheld drill when in standby mode
- Tweaked coloring of trees on Oscutune
- Fog in asteroid field is now less dense and looks better from far away
- Sun flare now receives color of sun on planets
- Tweaked camera effect (water droplets) when coming out of water
- Added damage models for antennas, medic station, clone chamber, trading station block, hover engines and alien storage
- Adjusted weapon hold position on pistols, texture and color tool
- Adjusted transparency of fighter cockpit windows

New Stock Blueprints:
- CV Tier 2. Thanks to Ashrai
- SV Tier 2. Thanks to baddkarma74

- SV Tier 3. Thanks to Mr.IceCat:

- Disallowing connections to protected servers without EAC working on client side (saves time since player would be kicked anyway)
- Updated EAC SDK to version 2016-12-16

Changes / Improvements / Tweaks:
- Removed atmosphere formula for drills: thus drills now have same range on all playfields
- Adapted length of beam effect of drill turrets to actual range
- Godmode Invisible: You are now able to place blocks on any structure (e.g. admin structure, alien structure etc)
- Implemented: In Blueprint Factory use SHIFT-click to move item stacks from the inventory to the factory
- Adding a Trading Station now makes a Blueprint "red" to avoid spawning them in survival
- Tweaked model of medic station and clone chamber -> you now can enter without jumping
- Increased stacking size of Pentaxid and removed stacking limit of Pentaxid Ore
- Optimization: Ship controller -> before: if many vessels were active in a playfield, it had a strong performance impact
- Enabled 'stats' console cmd for listing structs and ents. Removed this information from di overview
- Structure information .txt uses now plain text dates/times
- Tweaked Masperon: Adapted spawn of NPCs, fixed biome definitions, adjusted distribution of fire flies and added orange fire flies
- Updated stock prefab CV Tier 2 -> closed hangar bay with shutter door
- Added turret name in text 'Press F to control '
- Improved Blueprint anti-cheating
- Added scrollbar to Control Panel properties info
- Tweaked GUI of LCD to accommodate lock code field
- Client exceptions are now sent to server with build number
- Added missing food to Localization
- Console command "gents" requires now moderator level to be executed
- Tweaked sound of Zirax weapon
- Sound effect when you get hit is now a bit lower in volume
- Added Localization for radial menus
- Implemented: Display trader in Recent tab of Marketplace
- Adjusted "Loading game..." text
- Improved logging
- Updated game engine to Unity 5.5

- Chainsaw cannot remove large rocks anymore
- Handheld rockets and other rockets can now destroy rocks as well
- Increased range of Multitool to 5m (T1) and 8m (T2)
- Turret drill HV: Increased strength and range but slightly reduced radius of drill effect
- Slightly increased range of drill module
- Rebalanced all mounted and turret weapons (only damage against terrain) to ensure nice explosion craters on terrain
- Tweaked drone weapons so that they destroy hardly any terrain anymore
- Tweaked drop rate of Sathium Asteroid to adapt to other resources

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that members could accept or reject Alliance offers (now only admins and founders)
- Fixed: Problem that sun shafts/flares in space were too strong (overblown) in certain situations
- Fixed: Problem that player sometime performs an extra jump when switching weapon
- Fixed: Problem that entering a planet granted XP each and every time (MP only)
- Fixed: Problem that one could not join faction of other origins despite dedicated.yaml set to True
- Fixed: Problem that ore deposits destroyed by weapons still show % and amount unchanged
- Fixed: Strange behavior of player character when approaching it (or zooming away in 3rd person) because of LOD rebuilding
- Fixed: Problem that some blocks (e.g SV Thruster M) did not count towards blueprint tech level
- Fixed: Problem that using turret drill CV without harvest container dropped ores in cockpit
- Fixed: Problem that by having Control Panel open when Core is destroyed kept structure factioned even without a core
- Fixed: Problem that NPC corpses blocked themselves
- Fixed: Grass does not get removed when shooting at the ground with BA Rocket Turrets
- Fixed: Damage travels through blocks (not yet fixed: lagshots)
- Fixed: Plants/Trees sometimes re-grew in bases and POIs (MP only)
- Possible Fix for error in Registry Window
- Fixed: Problem that snow on stones was too bright in certain lighting conditions
- Fixed: Problem that space stations were visible beyond view-range directly after warping in a new orbit
- Fixed: Problem that it was possible to place blocks from outside the Antigrief zone inside the zone (also with the player drone)
- Fixed: Problem that player slid sometimes down on slope and never stopped to slide
- Fixed: Waypoint/Registry Exploit
- Fixed: Problem that Multitool disassemble returns L-Blocks for Windows-S, Truss-S, Armored-Window-S
- Fixed: Problem that when using the Player Drone, handheld weapons shot where the drone is looking at
- Fixed: Problem that you could obtain infinite components (shutter doors, hangar doors etc) due to an animation bug (MP only)
- Fixed: Problem that dedi could connect a player to a playfield server that is currently unloading its playfield
- Fixed: Problem that requesting client logs by server host did not work
- Fixed: Problem that it was impossible to drill Masperon soil
- Fixed: Problem that hull looked strange in space
- Fixed: Problem that freighters sometimes did not despawn in MP
- Fixed: Problem that destruction timer message for freighters did not appear (SP / MP)
- Fixed: Problem that idle sounds of NPCs was missing in MP
- Fixed: Light 1 (Corner) had nearly no "collision box" > hardly possible to remove with MT
- Fixed: Problem that info panel of multitool did not vanish in certain situations
- Fixed: Emergency break in space did not work anymore
- Fixed: Problem that space looked strange when seen through windows in orbit
- Fixed: Weapon on floor instead of being in hands when joining MP game until other player switches weapon once
- Fixed: Problem that stars / star reflection were visible in windows inside a closed CV room in orbit
- Fixed: Base Attack drones are not counted for the DRONE HUNTER mission
- Fixed: Mission 'Prepare for Battle MEDICAL' can not be fulfilled in MP as a sole Leader
- Fixed: Problem that light/growlight could not be attached to Windows and Armored Windows
- Possible fix for corrupted area files
- Fixed: Sever animation hiccups of player model in MP
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes POIs shot at NPCs
- Fixed: XP issue: harvesting the "new" selfgrown plants added 600XP each
- Fixed: Problem that adding a new template to the queue did partially reset/block the progress of the current in-production item (MP)
- Fixed: Planetary Map (M) got wrong colors when Graphic set to FAST
- Fixed: Problem that drills could not remove terrain deco rocks and boulders (Added new functionality to drill T2)
- Fixed: Problem that weapons were sometimes visible for seated players
- Fixed: Problem that sun was included in distance calculation and line drawing in sector map
- Fixed: Problem that one could set faction with ESC menu even if core is gone
- Fixed: Problem that cargobox-access closed if vessel was moving
- Fixed: Problem that slope 1x1 needed more hits for removal than other windows with multitool
- Fixed: Problem that autogroup re-ordered directional type and grouping when cockpit is turned 180°
- Fixed: Problems that freighter did not spawn reliably in Akua Orbit (MP)
- Fixed: Speed limit bug for freighters
- Fixed: Localization for radial menus was only working after exiting and resuming game
- Potential fix for double entity id problems in MP
- Fixed: Problem that windows were fully transparent with respect to Ground Fog
- Fixed: Problem that you needed to approach large blueprints to put them in BP library. Now you can blueprint structures from 150m distance
- Fixed: Problem that creator of structure was overwritten when selecting Overwrite in BP library
- Fixed: Error when dying in a turret
- Fixed: Problem with Stock prefab Tier 2 > using BA Rockets for CV Rocket Turrets
- Fixed: Blueprint creation in factory sometimes ended with error message (for older Blueprints)
- Fixed: Some blueprint caused internal errors and were broken
- Possible fix for client side Blueprint loading exception, improved log output
- Fixed: Problem with hit impact and length of line renderer of turret drill CV
- Fixed: Problem that saving / overwriting a Blueprint moved it down in the list instead of keeping the alphabetical order
- Fixed: Problem that sometime Akua did not have a Trading Station
- Fixed: Problem that some self-grown plants did not give back sprouts but growth stages when picked up
- Fixed: Problem that one could not spawn a new Player drone if player got killed while in Player drone
- Fixed (partly): Wrong muzzle fire position with changed FOV
- Fixed: Color tool beam with changed FOV
- Fixed: Problem that capturing freighter and then accessing cockpit lead to error
- Fixed: Problem that freighter destruction message was already triggered when freighter is damaged
- Fixed: Entering Zeyhines (planet) spawned a list of errors in console
- Fixed: Wrong muzzle position on pistols
- Fixed: Problem that picking up plants increased Device Count in structure .txt
- Fixed: Sharing violation with adminconfig.yaml
- Fixed: Destroying a fixed weapon on a SV while it is firing lead to error
- Fixed: Mission "Custom Tours" did not work anymore (removed from PDA)
- Fixed: Problem that weapons & tools were active in passenger seat
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes small vessel core did not allow to attach blocks on its sides
- Fixed: Problem that bases in orbit could be moved / rammed (note: only fixed setrotation console cmd)
- Fixed: Too bright light in escape pod (interior view)
- Fixed: Problem with scope overlay and transparency
- Fixed: Gaps in collider of shutter doors and hangar doors + Better positioning of shutter doors
- Fixed: Problem with transparency on sector map icons
- Fixed: Problem with strange shininess on Asteroids in space
- Fixed: BA Prefab Tier 5 was wrong (it was actually Tier 6 and Tier 5 did not exist anymore)
- Fixed: Grid of small radar map in space looks broken
- Fixed several internal exceptions reported at support email


Still, no third person. As promised :(

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EleonGameStudios Author

Hi Jetcutter. What do you mean with "third person"? If you mean third-person view - it is in the game since day 1.

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