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More guns, more turrets, more blocks, more aliens! Alpha 5 (a.k.a "Invasion Release") is coming soon!

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It has been a long time since the first release with almost no updates but this shall be no more!

soon, Alpha 5 will be out and you will like it here some of what you can expect : -

[Added]New Universal Weapon System V1 Which gives the players the ability to MOD their guns form external .txt files including ammo, damage, fire mode and more is coming during the smaller patches

[Added]Totally new alien models with Full Humanoid Rigs with run, stun, die, hit animations!

[Added]New 5x5 Grid Crafting system which can be used to make guns, ammo, cook food, purify water and more (inspired by 7DaysToDie) so, you can collect whole new set of items, and ingredients and craft your world!

[Added]Seamless Block textures which makes blocks blend together nicely with out gaps or bad finishes

[Added] 8 NEW awesome graphical effects Including SSAO, AA, Sun Shafts, Bloom, Antialiasing, Motion Blur and more!

[Added]New Looting system now you need to find ammo and guns to use them

[Added]Total Overhaul on the Buff System now includes healing, stun-locked, rooted, dehydrated, starving buffs

[Added]New Basic Survival System you need to eat and drink even when you are on mars!

[Added]New Alien A* With Jump, Sneak Climb Actions!

[Added] 5 new types of resources Iron, Brass, Lead, Wood and Tungsten which are collected and used in crafting various items!

[Added]Lots of new weapons including community suggested ones like the Penerator, Guess Cannon, Homing Missile Launcher, Laser Slicer!

[Added]Completely new resource spawning system… the resources are no longer spawning from static spawners but are spread across the map so, it’s time to grab a pick and gun and go exploring!

[Added]Thinking system to aliens now the aliens will ThinkWhich way is better to kill you so, they send signs to each other and make a plan take out the player (doesn’t work on slow computers needs at least 6 gb rams)

[Added]New weapon sound effects

[Added]New blood particles and new block breaking sound effect

[Added]New Damage Multiplier System & Dynamic Recoil!…..the longer you fire the shorter the range is and more bullet spreading will happen and lower damage will happen so it’s best to care about your shots

[Added] Gore block system now when aliens die they leave a corpse which can be looted and will decay into a gore block so, aliens can climb it to get on/in your base.

[Added]New LOD system for blocks blocks goes to billboards once the player is far enough to see the details which makes performance a way more better!

[Added]New Scope Sights for some weapons

[Added]The ability to melee with certain guns for a very high damage

[Added]New Death Screen & Gamejolt Trophies & Score boards

[Added]New Profiling system for players

[Added]New Debug console which contains commands like : /giveself, /addresources, /clearConsole, /killAll and more

[Fixed]Bug where player could get unlimited health by picking a single bugged medkit

[Fixed]Blocks disappear from the screen on windows xp and removed old windows versions support

[Fixed]Weapons gets stuck on aim state when reloading

[Fixed] Guns&tools goes through terrain & blocks

[Fixed]Made The Level Pre-Load Lighting By Typing /level levelName preloadType.BakeLighting in the console

[Fixed]Menu buttons isn’t responding on bigger screens than 1920x1024(i think)

and a whole bunch of more fixes, tweaks and additions also the public beta will be released soon!

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