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A whole boat load of new stuff added as SSA starts to look more and more like a game every day! This is the first time the concept of aliens that stay permanently on station has made it into the game and you will now be hiring aliens as officers to get access to your stations cooler command functions. A energy shield door that blocks air and allows workers and customers through adds to your options when it comes to oxygen management.

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A bunch of other little changes and fixes make the game a lot more stable this time around as well.

Alpha 5

Major Changes

  • New Room: Private rooms have now been implemented for permanent station residents.
  • New Equipment: Energy Doors have been added, allowing access to workers and customers but blocking air. They cost a lot of energy to keep active

Minor Changes

  • Door controls have been redesigned to be MUCH more intuitive and easy to use.
  • Command and Control now required for full door control
  • Equipment interaction dialogs now stay attached to their piece of equipment if the screen is moved

Bugs Squashed

  • Command Console equipment now saves properly
  • Days since last asteroid/event wasn't saving and loading properly
  • Asteroid/event alorithm adjusted, more than one event was happening simultaneously on rare occasions
  • Asteroid/event chances rebalanced
  • Varying costs for walls/floors/doors are now reflected in their tooltips.
  • Show/hide icons preference now saves.
  • Pathfinding updated, is much more efficient now.
  • Worker and Resident lists now play nice and close when other menus are opened.

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