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Many new features are to be added in alpha 5 focusing on adding new enemy variations.

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Here is a basic list of the features already added in Alpha 5

  • 2 Metal enemies with more to come. These enemies have a lot of health, move slowly, and absorb a lot of damage. This will be demonstrated in the update video. Currently this variation is in for the zombieman and demon.
  • The first hit and run enemy. This guy hits like a truck and will run in, fire, then run away. Kill him quick or he'll hide from you and when you least expect it run up and shoot you in the back.
  • The Ultra demon. This guy is fast, has a lot of hp, a long melee range, and can instant kill all classes.
  • 4 new power ups (and a mimic for each). One is the guard sphere, while active you take 10% damage. There is the fright sphere that causes all enemies to run from you while active. There is the attack sphere that multiplies your damage by 10. The last one is the time freeze sphere that freezes time once picked up.
  • 1 new rewarder demon. This one is green and drops weapons with a high chance of dropping a BFG and a tiny chance of dropping a legendary weapon.
  • Buffed the basic marine. He is so much weaker than the others, and had no special abilities so I decided to buff him.
  • 1 new bulletstorm enemy. The rocket imp. This guy is deadly in closed spaces so watch out for him. His attacks themselves are random but each attack he does has a way to be avoided. He does a decent amount of damage and can fill a room with rockets.
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