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This article is about the things added in alpha 3 and how close it is to release.

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Alpha 3 is coming along smoothly at the moment and no more bugs have been encountered since the last one. Listed below are some of the things already added in alpha 3.

  • A new dodge mechanic. Press Q (Can be rebound) to double your speed and dodge all incoming damage. Damage will only be dodged IF the player is at double speed. This means the second your player slows down, he'll start taking damage again, so be sure to time those dodges well. The dodge ability also has a cooldown, so if you try to spam it, you will probably die. P.S if you dodge into a non-ripping splitter projectile (Like the imps) from the front, while moving, (You have to literally ram it) it wont split.
  • A few of the new bulletstorm bosses. Currently all I have left to do is add in the rest of the bullet storm bosses, finish 1 more player class, and add splitter enemies.
  • 3 new classes. Take on the demon hordes with the heavy marine, he moves at half speed but has 300 HP, 25% damage resistance, and a giant gun that dishes out a whole lot of punishment every second. If you like fast, agile classes that can deal a lot of damage, then play the scout. With his sawed off he can gib most enemies instantly from close range. How is he gonna get that close you ask? Well by using that doubled speed of his of course. Sadly though he is a glass cannon, he only has 100hp meaning he will die very easily (Imp's projectiles can instant kill him), though of course his doubled speed which is doubled yet again by the dodge mechanic lets him dodge halfway across the map. If you want to be the badass with the pistol that fires long range, fast travelling projectiles that do a whole lot of damage per shot, then play the enforcer. He has a pistol that has a decent firing rate, good range, high accuracy, and high damage. He moves 75% faster and has 175 hp. Why wouldn't you play him? Well because he shoots projectiles that don't bounce, don't seek, don't do anything except be destroyed upon contact with whatever it hits first, whether that's a wall, an enemy, or some other object. No matter what it is destroyed upon contact with whatever it hits. Not just that but his gun is so powerful that it heats up the more it shoots. Once it is at full heat, you're gonna have to let it recharge to atleast 10% before it can fire again. It can shoot 10 times before going into cooldown and gibs most enemies instantly. When in cooldown the enforcer is defenseless if he has no other weapons available. It has a maximum of 100% cooldown and uses 10% per shot, I know the cooldown is sort of backwards in the fact that it starts at 100% and is overheated at 0% while in most games it is the other way around, but I currently don't know of any other way to implement a cooldown effect.
  • 2 new legendary weapons. These are got tier weapons with unlimited ammo and immeasurable stopping power. Both capable of killing a cyberdemon in a few seconds. These legendary weapons though do have some downsides due to their immense power. Get these weapons by killing either the boss that wields the weapon you want, or by killing the all new legendary rewarder. The legendary rewarder is a gold coloured, slightly tranparent, pinky demon that has a 1% chance to drop one of the legendary weapons. He is more than 6 times as fast as the default marine and almost twice as fast as the scout while he is dodging. If you kill it and don't get a legendary weapon, don't worry, you'll still get either a invulnerability powerup, or a megasphere.
  • All new class skins, now every class has its own class specific skin, so if you multiplayer with your friends (Zandronum 3.0 alpha only) you will be able to easily tell classes apart.
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