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This article discusses what is happening with alpha 3 at the moment.

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This is just a quick little update. I have encountered a nasty bug that will take awhile to fix. Alpha 3 will come out sometimes in the next 2 weeks, most likely on the weekend. I am sorry, but as I said bugs will pop up when adding new features. The feature that is bugged, if not fixed in time, will be removed and added in a future update if a way to properly implement it is found. As said before I am sorry that the update wont be coming out on this weekend like I thought it would. As a way to apologize I will add in more classes and the first legendary weapon.


The bug has been fixed... 30 mins after I wrote this article. Well once you inform people about the bug there is a chance it gets fixed right after, because why not. Well anyways the feature is working now and will be in next update. Another thing is that the next version will only work with Zandronum v. 3 alpha. So if you want to play multiplayer you have to download Zandronum V.3 Alpha. If multiplayer does not work for you tell me and I will make a version that works on 2.1.2.

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