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This article discusses some of the changes that will happen in Alpha 3.

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Welp this has taken longer than alpha 2. Should be out by the weekend, I am off then so I have a lot more time. Anyways here are some of the major changes coming to Alpha 3

Every enemy gets a miniboss.

Every enemy gets a boss. Yep every enemy in the game will have a boss and mini-boss . In future updates, every enemy will have multiple boss and miniboss versions. The type of boss being added for every character in Alpha 3 is the Bulletstorm boss. That's right. Every enemy in the game will have a bulletstorm counterpart (Yes even lost souls.) Some of the enemies will also get a basic boss as well. Lots of HP, pretty good damage, a special ability of some kind, and the ability to dodge. The special ability wont be as strong as the special ability of the their bulletstorm counter part but it should still be enough to keep you on your toes.

Atleast 1 new class. Currently we have classes with damage vulnerability, and less health. Now it's time for classes with more health and damage resistance. These guys will be able to dish out large amounts of damage but will have some downsides to balance this power

1 new basic enemy type. This enemy will have the ability to split into multiple enemies. Which have less hp, move faster, and fire faster.

Bulletstorm bosses will be a little meaner than before.

Arachnotrons are getting a heavy nerf. After some testing of how they were in combat I found them way to powerful. The Plasma Zombie boss is also getting a spawnrate nerf.

There will probably be more features introduced in alpha 3 since I may think of something while working on it.

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