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Alpha 21 is now available for download! Pay what you want and play it now! I haven't announced anything on IndieDB for a long time, so I'm also including the changelog from the last update, Alpha 20, which was pretty major.

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Alpha 21 - MIRV 'em up!

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"Charlie Foxtrot" (Alpha 21) Changelog:

  • Minor bugfixing + rebalancing


  • Keyboard controls are re-enabled
  • Reinforcements will stop spawning if there are already too many enemies in the air (this limit increases with alert level)
  • Alert levels are gained more slowly, and resulting enemy reinforcements are less numerous
  • Reinforcements appear immediately when you gain the alert level
  • Reinforcements are more numerous at higher alert levels
  • Audiovisual indicator when you gain an alert level
  • RIG structures have come back, but with floating defenses
  • The number of ground targets and airbases (carriers / aerodromes) increases in later islands


  • Buildings directly on the coast may have defenses floating in the water if they don't have enough space on land
  • AAA towers now fire in bursts to make them more similar to SAMs: timing an approach correctly will allow you to avoid all damage
  • There's now audiovisual feedback when you try to equip things that won't fit on the aero
  • FALKE and VECTOR speed stats swapped (makes more sense for the Light to have higher performance)
  • Decreased DODGE special's avionics cost, increased BOOST special's payload cost
  • Fixed: The lock-on diamond would sometimes stick around if you switched from a guided to an unguided weapon

I haven't announced anything on IndieDB for a long time, so here's the changelog from the last update, Alpha 20, which was pretty major:

sure to take a moment to vote!"Skunk Works" (Alpha 20) Changelog:NEW TOYS:

  • NEW AERO: ‘Kirin' Swing-wing Fighter
  • New Weapon: Micro-rockets, unguided high-damage missiles that fit in your micromissile slot
  • New Weapon: AAM-IRMR, very fast IR missile, best against fleeing enemies
  • New Skin: Sky Fox
  • New Enemy: Hovercraft
  • Removed the Aeromod slot because it didn't affect gameplay enough to justify having it around
  • Scrap is now a permanent resource
  • Like before, dying will make you lose all equipped weapons. You'll need to re-build them to use them again.
  • The default loadout for every aero only uses free weapons... no more "free lunch" with non-free default weapons, sorry.


  • You no longer have access to all aeros and weapons, you will need to research them
  • Destroying certain enemies will give you "tech points", which you can use when you die to research new technology
  • Researching a tech gives you a free copy of that weapon
  • In future versions, there will be more interesting ways to gain tech points


  • Missile guidance changed significantly: they are easier to dodge, but will more reliably hit a target that doesn't try to dodge
  • Most missiles will take twice as long to accelerate to top speed, making them a bit more accurate at steep angles


  • The enemy will send reinforcements to the island if it feels you're too much of a threat.
  • Destroying ground targets will increase this threat
  • Landing will increase threat significantly (repairing + reloading gives the enemy time to regroup)
  • Destroying the command center will also increase it significantly
  • Your current threat level (max of 5) is displayed in the upper-right hand corner
  • There is no way to remove threat except by clearing the island


  • Veteran and Ace enemies added, they use more missiles and can evade yours
  • Enemy defenses like the LRSAM and TORO will only appear in later islands


  • Colliding with aircraft (dead or alive) will no longer kill you, but it will screw up your orientation pretty bad.
  • When you equip a bomb, semitransparent reticles will appear over ground targets to assist in aiming
  • Changed the loadout GUI so you can see the aero you're working on


  • New InControl version: more controllers should be supported (
  • Terrain and skybox colors are a bit more saturated now
  • Bomb / bomblet blast radius increased slightly
  • MIRV missiles pick their targets in a round-robin style for better distribution. They are now MUCH more useful for taking out drone swarms.
  • Flares have more ammo but a longer delay before they trigger
  • BB renamed to FRIGATE
  • RIG structures temporarily removed, they will come back with sea-based defenses!
  • Sounds for gunfire and several GUI actions updated
  • Minor UI polish in some places
  • Fixed: weird aspect ratio on bombsight
  • Fixed: using a loadout with one weapon, or no micromissile, shouldn't wreck everything and show messages
  • Fixed: ammo multiplier bug when using multiple copies of the same weapon
  • Fixed: modded skins without decals wouldn't work properly
  • Fixed: some GUI elements were visisble in the flyby camera, now EVERYTHING is disabled for cooler screenshots!
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