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A new alpha is available, and an adventure awaits, will you discover what is The Evil? Will you face it? Or will you run?

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After two months I didn't develop Wonder, an alpha has emerged.
This alpha is "Gameplay complete", it got all there is to do in the game in SINGLE PLAYER. The multi player server is down, so you can't play online right now.
Saying that, there are still issues with the alpha, I already began fixing some for the next alpha, but it's playable(for most people).

In this game you are set in the world of Rivelund, it is a land overshadowed by evil beings. You obviously try to save the land from this evil. Visiting the towers will give you hints on how to fight the beast in each area.
You need to discover what is "The Evil" and how to deal with it...

You walk using the key arrows(moving is a bit strange at first, but think of it as a semi real time rogue game). You change attack mode using Ctrl, and you attack creatures by standing next to them while being in an aggressive attack mode.
Space is for skipping dialogs, and Enter is for chatting.

"May you face the evil, and not become one yourself..."

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Awesome! Will try this out once a Beta rolls out! I review freeware games and I'm intrigued by this project.

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