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A new alpha is available and some news on what's next.

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New Alpha

A new alpha is available for download here.

In this alpha, some bug fixes and some issues fixes.
There are no instructions so I will write some instructions over here.
First, you should update your DX runtime from Microsoft, even if you have DX11 it doesn't mean DX is up to date.
You play with the arrow keys. Movement is kind of awkward because the game plays like a Rogue Like, but it doesn't wait for your key press. Instead, each step takes 0.8 seconds.
You press Ctrl to change attack modes, you usually need the War attack mode. Once in the War mode, you can simply stand or walk near enemies to attack them(they might attack you as well).
Use space to skip dialogs, and use Esc to go back in menu or to quit the game.

There is more about this game, but these are the basics.
I hope you enjoy testing the game, and I hope you will give me feedback(it's very useful).


I am working on improving the "Wonder" engine, and making it more data driven to allow user content and easier creation of games for the engine.
The next game for this engine will be called "Wonder: Defiled". The game will have a typical diablo like story(visiting village, something terrible happened, going underground to search for source of evil). It will have more "modern" visuals, namely, I am going to make corner sprite so the game won't look so squarish. I will also add things like equipment, projectiles, magic and leveling up.
I hope that this next game will be more based on Lua scripts for events and other things, and will be more data driven(which are the steps needed to be taken to make it possible for user game generation).
Tell me what are your opinions?


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I enjoyed the overall feel that the Alpha is showing.
I think the two main things that really broke flow for me while testing this out was not really understanding what I was needing to do.

Once I figured out about switching between, attack, defense, and flowering? I enjoyed walking through and defeating the evil brown enemies! Also not being able to press an attack button made it feel a little silly just walking up to enemies and hear a steal on steal noise without the animation. I'm sure you have full intentions of creating animations and such in later builds!

Regardless, it's an Alpha but I really enjoy the theme you've got going here and I'm always a sucker 8bit games. Looking forward to seeing this further along!

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PompiPompi Author

Thanks, that's really positive feedback.

Yea, there is no tutorial, so you kind of need to figure it out by yourself.
Some feedback I got is that the game plays too slow, and that it's not clear how you are suppose to walk in the game. People didn't get the tileness and holding the key down for walking. What do you think about that?

In the next alpha I will address those issues by adding an optional grid, and adding an additional speed to play(faster).
I might also add something to give feedback to the player that he is holding down the arrow key, because that seemed to confuse some people.

Again, thanks for the feedback and thank you for trying the alpha.

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