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Alpha 2 development news #1. This article discusses the progress on Alpha 2 and things that may be added.

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New features to be added ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Added the first Bulletstorm boss. Bulletstorm bosses are megabosses. The first bulletstorm boss is known as the fortress. He can not move, he has a whole lot of health and he shoots a whole lot of high damage projectiles. Another type of boss planned to be added in alpha 2 are called berserkers. Their attacks will always instantkill and they are very fast, but they will always have only 1 hp. So be sure to kill these guys quickly.

Greatly reduced spawn chance of the Aguares boss and Rocket Sargent boss. These 2 bosses were spawning multiple times per map instead of only once every few maps.

Adding a very rare pinky demon known as the "Rewarder" the second he sees you he'll book it in the other direction. If you manage to kill this slippery pinky you will be rewarded with a random weapon or powerup. There will be multiple types with each type dropping different items.

More info to come later on.

1 new playable class with positive and negative attributes.

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