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Our latest release is focusing on making the free play and competition mode more interesting by pumping many additional options into their setup.

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Planet Generator Options

You can now predefine many more things for a new planet you are creating. Especially interesting is the amount of polar ice on your planet and the general height of your terrain. So far the planet generation for the free play was a relatively restricted thing. Now you've got all the options from the editor to define what your planet and the starting conditions should be like and what kind of special structures (e.g. volcanoes and temples) you want to find on it. The different themes do now have individual models for small and big mountainss.

Rules of the Game

We also made some game rules customizable for you when starting a new round of free play or competition. With share trading for example comes the possibility to take over your opponents. Define your tech licenses and start budget and there is definitely more to come... Free Play


We reworked the savegame system and added an auto-mode. It will save the game before you build a new colony because this is one of the most important strategic decisions in gameplay. Additionally you are also asked to name your city. Use the option "Auto-chosse colony name" if you don't want to be asked again. name your colony

Warehouse Storage

We put an end to irritations about our new storage system for resources. The warehouse is now available from the beginning of the campaign and you don't have to pay a tech license for it. In addition we reduced it's storage to a maximum of 1000 for each resource category and the City Center no longer comes with any storage. With the help of the warehouse you will no longer waste overproduced goods or food - instead you can use it for trading. Theses changes should also make the interaction with natives and Xrathul better understandable.


As you can see the solar farm has received new graphics. We plan to let these panels adjust themselves to the position of the sun to be more efficient.

Additional Changes

  • Like to the laser radius we added in 18.1 we now also visualize the radius of upgrade like repair station and the shield.
  • New resource field textures
  • Fixed daylight bug
  • Fixed global warming balancing problems
  • Enhanced texts and clarity for missions Tuto, Joma, Lorian and Rounos
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