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Alpha 1.8 is out with the new Stock Market feature.

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What's new?

Alpha 1.8 is out with the new Stock Market feature. Note you need to start a new game for the location to appear.

It's not in its proper real-life location on the Sydney map, but things are getting pretty crowded in the city center so I had to "relocate" it.

When you enter the stock market, you are presented with a list of 12 corporations ranging from the billion-dollar "MONEY Group" to the fresh new start-up "Orange Inc.". The larger companies are generally more stable and less likely to go bankrupt, but the smaller companies have higher future earning potential.

Once you have purchased some shares, a new section will appear on your Possessions panel summarizing your investments in the market.

This is the first version of this feature, so there will probably be further tweaks required. One of my main concerns is whether it's too easy to predict the market direction and make money, so feedback on that is welcome.

One thing I didn't mention in my last post, now the Penthouse and Mansion has luxurious versions of the base actions. E.g instead of Staring at the Wall, you will be Staring at the View which gives a boost to your happiness. You also have access to the Personal Butler home service, who recovers most of your needs each week. You have to pay him/her an actual salary though, so it's very expensive.

What's next?

Next is improving the Freelance/Contractor Business part of the game, since a lot of players are excited to start that up. I will be experimenting with auto-assigning workers and some post-career businesses over the coming weeks.

Alpha 1.8 Changelog:

  • Implemented data history culling for stocks
  • Added Market section in Possessions panel
  • Added disabling stock market for Scenarios
  • Added Exchange transaction statement
  • Implemented Stock capital gains and losses in tax return
  • Added 12 starting listed corporations
  • Added corporation management change alerts to Financial Dimes subscription
  • Added Exchange location
  • Disabled stock transactions on bankrupt stocks
  • Added Stock wealth to wealth goal calculation
  • Added stock trading tips to Businezz Biweekly subscription
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