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Alpha 1.3 has been released as well as plans for the future!

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The video is currently uploading, and the linux/mac/windows downloads are also uploading. All uploads should be completed within the hour after this post!

Download Wayward Beyond from IndieDB HERE
Check out the Getting Started Guide HERE

Alpha 1.3 is now completed with many changes, a couple very minor bug fixes, and some plans for the future updates. Mac, and linux downloads are now available as well!

Below is a list of the notable changes

  • Added galaxy map
  • Added basic FTL jumps
  • Added character saving
  • Added inventory saving
  • Added galaxy saving
  • Added gender selection (Currently disabled due to a loadgame bug)
  • Added "water" tag to hydroponics. (Water bottles work in hydroponics now!)
  • Added dried strawberries
  • Added food dehydrator
  • Added Pipes Cross section
  • Added Pipes T section
  • Added Pipes Star section
  • Added wall mounted table
  • Tweaked health decay when starving/dehydrating to be slower
  • Tweaked hunger/thirst rates
  • Tweaked gravity strength
  • Tweaked player movement very slightly
  • Improved oxygen detection
  • Improved gravity detection
  • Increased rate of highly populated systems (More planets)
  • Further developed build costs - Higher plate requirements, and copper wires
  • Foundations are now in place for mod support (Items, recipes, blocks, models, texture packs.)

The future updates during Alpha will be focused on building up towards the Multiplayer beta targeted for this summer. Survival Singleplayer wont have a whole lot of attention, but there will likely be small additions as new features are built for multiplayer. Once multiplayer is in beta, the attention will turn back towards singleplayer.

There will be many changes/additions in the future updates, the below are just the key required features that will be definite.

  • Alpha 1.4: User friendly mod support and multiplayer building/flying
  • Alpha 1.5: Multiplayer galaxymap, ftl jumps, and survival
  • Alpha 1.6: Multiplayer login/register accounts
  • Alpha 1.7: Multiplayer ship and player damage (PvP)
  • Alpha 1.8: Multiplayer laws, bounties, and ownership
  • Alpha 1.9: Multiplayer Crews, companies, fleets, and premium bonuses
  • Alpha 2.0: Multiplayer station shops and trading
  • Multiplayer beta 1.0!
  • Beta: Multiplayer computer systems (Radar, jammers, shields, ftl drives, etc.)
  • Beta: Fully completed planetary landing/exploration/oxygen/gravity/generation

If you want to follow development more closely to see what's being worked on, what's planned and the progress of different features then visit the Features Trello Board and the Artwork Trello Board!

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