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This update mostly does behind the scenes stuff. Another update will be release before next monday.

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This update does behind the scenes stuff for the most part, so expect a new update in this week!

Full changelog:

Added an option to restore all settings
Added an option to turn fog on and off
Added scrollable menus (with scrollbars, obviously)
Added currency
Redesigned the settings menus
Changed the character customization menu
Changed Old George's dialogue
The fog now affects the player too
Character customizations are now saved on your account, and not on your computer
Made some NPCs non-invincible
Updated Pascal's logo
Updated the main menu's background
Updated the Evigilant City Outskirts (Zone #6)
*Fixed the pistol animation lagging (again)
*Fixed the buttons in the vendor interface not working properly
*Fixed Old George giving the same objective twice
*Fixed Pascal sometimes crashing when using the pistol
*Fixed item cooldowns not showing decimals
*Fixed the rocket boots not working
*Fixed the mistextured door in Evigilant Hills
(Note: Also started working on water)

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