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The first update after Alpha 1.0 is now available in the Pascal Launcher!

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The first update after Alpha 1.0 is now available in the Pascal Launcher.

Full changelog:

Added notifications
Added a new zone
Added your username to the main menu
Added a cooldown to punching
Added an energy pentaly to punching
Added explosions (They’re currently hiding in the code, they’re shy)
Added better customization system
Changed zone EvigilantHills03
Changed the pistol
Changed damage of the different types of projectiles
Improved the savefile system (now saves NPCs and objectives)
Continued the story
*Fixed Pascal running on 1920x1080 no matter the size of the monitor
*Fixed crashing on shooting
*Fixed the cursormode setting not doing anything
*Fixed the objective text being too small
*Fixed crashing when projectiles hit the edge of the level
*Fixed menu button being placed wrong in the death screen
*Fixed crashing sometimes when dying
*Fixed Objective text not showing correctly
*Fixed crashing sometimes when going to another zone
*Fixed punching animation causing the legs to stop
*Fixed dialogues not always working properly
*Fixed the vendor UI not being large enough

See you next Monday!

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