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First public alpha announcement and progress report on a city-building game Ostriv.

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So, the first public Alpha 1 is now available to purchase on and I finally managed to find some time to write a changelog.

So, what’s new:


    • The biggest – completely new building models and construction animation, that took me almost the whole September, which I constantly posted on my twitter
    • on this occasion, there are also icons now for all the buildings:

    • improved selection of fishing spots
    • main menu
    • UI scaling feature (100 to 300%)
    • other graphical options
    • wooden bridges
    • popup window showing total amount of resources
    • added construction status in build queue tooltips
    • export stock feature on trading post
    • overall UI improvements
    • new plowed field texture

    • fields creation improvement – can now get back to previous step with a right click
    • improved fog a bit
    • somewhat reduced birth rate
    • all trees can now be chopped or planted:

  • some new sounds added
  • cowshed workers can now also mow grass for hay
  • autosave feature
  • now scaling kids correctly depending on age
  • improved visuals for wheat and potatoes; also reed and other plants in winter
  • improved fence snapping
  • women can now also be assigned workers on a farm
  • a lot of other small stuff and balancing


  • water reflection was glitchy at the top of the screen in fullscreen mode
  • now removing doors after building demolished
  • glitchy shadows on distant ice and plants
  • oil workshop production limit didn’t work
  • build priorities sometimes didn’t work when construction started on game paused
  • now cow marked for slaughter can also starve to death
  • two cowsheds used same fallow field
  • families got stuck on “moving out” forever
  • foresters refused to produce firewood in some cases
  • foresters don’t try to chop trees out of map bounds anymore
  • now rendering shadows on doors properly
  • weird stuff when relocating carts back and forth
  • thaw roads glitch
  • wrong bulls number in population stats
  • random crash with cattle trader
  • job preferences were breaking build priorities
  • a bug when workers were hired where they shouldn’t (like several people at the market stall)
  • now correctly saving citizens clothes and portraits
  • corrupted save related to hay dryers
  • crash after trade deal terminated
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