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Alpha 0.95 is released. This update contains some AI improvements and more...

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.95 is released. This update contains some AI improvements and more...

- Add: Foot IK with crouch position
- Add: Automatic change incompatible clothes
- Add: Player direction UI to Satellite view
- Add: For each kill XP UI in sandbox menu
- Add: Weapon weight in tooltip UI
- Add: Weapon noise in tooltip UI
- Tweak: Mark target actor detection
- Tweak: Order actor detection
- Tweak: AI command UI
- Tweak: AI react danger
- Tweak: AI search behavior
- Tweak: AI detection optimization
- Tweak: Faction war AI optimization
- Tweak: AI soldiers spawn
- Tweak: Spawns insertion (Eastern village)
- Tweak: Dog patrol
- Tweak: Player icon
- Tweak: Monsters spawn (apocalypse mod)
- Tweak: Notificator tasks UI location
- Fix: Restart tutorial doesn't work correctly
- Fix: Dog detection even if death
- Fix: Medieval missing collision
- Fix: AI doesn't see dead body correctly
- Fix: AI doesn't move to alarm correctly
- Fix: Undesirable wrong soldier spawn location
- Fix: Hostage doesn't see correctly by thermal vision
- Fix: Missing assets (Jalh-Ab desert)
- Fix: Missing rocks (Medieval city)
- Fix: Some rocks location (Old ruins)
- Fix: Dead tree location (Redwood forest)
- Fix: Dead tree location (Redwood forest winter)
- Fix: Landscape (Medieval city)
- Fix: Option UI screen scale
- Fix: Hostage spawn
- Fix: Can shoot with AI command enabled
- Fix: Mines noise doesn't heard correctly by AI
- Fix: Undesirable Vest/Pockets clothes visible in FPP
- Fix: Duplicate screen resolutions list
- Fix: Some errors scripts
- Fix: French texts

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