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A few changes, corrections and editing of the balance. The list is inside.

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Changes in version 0.79 g:

  • demo user
  • error correction:
    • breakage of the menu after the battle
    • and a couple of minor fixes
    • the appearance of the name input window after or during the battle (you need to test)
    • inactive camera at the beginning of the battle
  • pause

Download 0.79c:
Windows version
Android version

Changes version 0.79:

  • fixed a critical error when selecting a race in the menu (it caused a frieze and possibly a client's departure)
  • a new simplified system for assigning improvements to combat units
  • AI has the same degree of development as you (a reserve for the future)
  • changes in the balance sheet:
    • blade (robbers) reduced damage
    • the attack speed of the robbers has been reduced
    • reduced armor for robbers
    • increased the attack speed of the combat bow (archer)
    • increased the damage of the combat bow (archer)
    • increased level requirements for all combat units, as well as for races
  • zeroing the development of all users

What will happen next:

  • demo user
  • improve races (as well as warriors)
  • table of player statistics
  • challenge the player's army to battle
  • store (possible)
  • development queue for defense (possible)
  • edit the balance (if we detect irregularities)
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