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Alpha 0.62 is release! This big update contains a new feature: the alarms.

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.62 is release! This big update contains a new feature: the alarms.
From now on, enemy run to alarm if he spot player or see a dead body.

Furthermore, this update add new clothes (contractor and survivor design)

Obviously, this update content many tweaks and fix for a better experience.

- Add: Alarm system
- Add: Clothing (Category PANTS) - contractor suit + 10 camos
- Add: Clothing (Category VEST) - survivor jacket + 5 camos
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD FACE) - theath + 3 camos
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD FACE) - gas mask + 1 camo
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD HELMET) - hat + 3 camo
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD HELMET) - panama 2 + 4 camos
- Add: Teammates have same health points as player
- Tweak: Attack with knife (animation)
- Tweak: Music main menu
- Tweak: Characters's poses (character menu)
- Tweak: Some animations UI
- Tweak: Some UI design
- Tweak: Marker position for AI command
- Tweak: Cyborgs reload very fast
- Tweak: AI focus priority on player pawn
- Tweak: AI distance for heard a noise
- Tweak: AI sprint animations
- Fix: AI Navigation (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Fix: AI turret doesn't aiming correctly
- Fix: AI soldier use focus if sprint
- Fix: AI doesn't see a dead body correctly
- Fix: AI Vip doesn't heard noises correctly
- Fix: Night luminosity (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Fix: Melee attack detection
- Fix: Cameras sounds
- Fix: Missing physics materials
- Fix: Soldiers spawn positions
- Fix: Stairs collision (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Objects wrong location (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Fix: Landscape (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Spawn areas (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Crossbow shoot sound
- Fix: Tower power could be destroyed by a EMP
- Fix: Some french texts doesn't translate
- Fix: Some french texts spelling

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