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Alpha 0.50 is release! This big update contains a players's request : AI teammates.

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.50 is release! This big update contains a players's request : AI teammates.

Teammate's features:
- Spot and mark enemies
- Synchronized shots
- Use orders player
- Use always suppressors and scopes on weapon if available
- Stay stealth if player infiltrate
- Have offensive behavior only if player detected
- Very accurate and quick in battle

Customize AI teammates clothes and his names in Characters menu:

Available with Spec Ops and Factions War modes:

Orders and synchronized shots:

Hope you will like this update ;)

- Add: AI teammates (first version)
- Add: AI teammates option in difficulty mode
- Add: AI teammates weapon choose
- Add: Customize AI teammates clothes in Characters menu
- Add: Customize AI teammates name in Characters menu
- Add: Command AI teammates (Engage/Movement/MoveTo/Focus)
- Add: Synchronized shots (AI teammates) - 3 targets together - use spot key (defaut: T) (with soldier / drone)
- Add: Action key - AI command menu (defaut: Tab)
- Add: Clothing - Jacket + 7 camos
- Add: Clothing - Russian forces + 8 camos
- Add: 2 military camos for head
- Tweak: Optimisation (Avieno Land)
- Tweak: Crosshair on drone is always visible for mark a soldier (Synchronized shots)
- Fix: AI sight perception with a crouch or prone position
- Fix: Robots doesn't move and use death animations at init
- Fix: AI soldiers can't die random
- Fix: Structures can be destroyed by bullets
- Fix: Cameras can be destroyed by bullets
- Fix: Drone can be activate the task "take control of the area"
- Fix: Somes noises can't be heard by AI
- Fix: Collisions wood overhang (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Rocks locations (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Rocks on air (Avieno Land)
- Fix: Tree in a old house (Avieno Land)
- Fix: Landscape (Avieno Land)
- Fix: AI pathfinding in old harbor (Avieno Land)
- Fix: AI soldiers hit stop move repeatedly
- Fix: AI Choppers with Factions War mode don't fly to battle
- Fix: Rotor sound don't stop when chopper destroy
- Fix: Switch music

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