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Alpha 0.45 is release! This big update contains a new game mode: FACTIONS WAR.

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.45 is release! This big update contains a new game mode: FACTIONS WAR.

Take control of the area with a friendly faction. A permanent military confrontation who offers a new gameplay.

This update add a new task: Take control of an area (capture and defend a area during 3 minutes while enemy's waves attack)

AI soldiers receive a overhaul behavior, especially for battles between factions ;)

- Add: New game mode - FACTIONS WAR
- Add: Friendly faction
- Add: Dynamic AI battle between factions
- Add: New task - Take control of an area
- Add: Game Mode in sandbox menu
- Overhaul: AI soldiers
- Tweak: AI optimisation
- Tweak: 3D spot position on enemies
- Tweak: Dynamic musics have a better utilization
- Tweak: Helicopters AI enemy most dangerous
- Tweak: Helicopters AI use same detection system as AI soldiers
- Tweak: Helicopters AI attack on movement
- Tweak: Robots use dead animations (not just disappear)
- Tweak: All robots can be destroyed by bullets
- Tweak: AI can attack player's drone
- Tweak: AI use covers positions with better detection
- Tweak: AI soldiers can attack on move
- Tweak: Drivable chopper
- Tweak: AI turrets detection
- Fix: Enemies doesn't see drone
- Fix: Electric tower destruction doesn't work
- Fix: Animations launch grenades doesn't work with AI
- Fix: Collisions trees (Lost Island)
- Fix: Collisions berriers (Avieno Land)
- Fix: Destroy armored already succeed at begin mission (2nd launch)
- Fix: Flashbangs errors script
- Fix: Grenade frag + C4 haven't sound class
- Fix: Sound attenuation of grenades launch
- Fix: Sound attenuation of switch weapons
- Remove: Footstep position in crouch position
- Remove: Invisibilty walls around maps

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