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Alpha 0.40 is release! This big update contains a important feature, the character creator.

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.40 is release! This big update contains a important feature, the character creator.

Customize your character with 10 categories (Pants, shirt, vest, backpack...)

Second feature, bad weather option (mist, thunderstorm, fog...)

Obviously, this update content many tweaks and fix for a better experience.

- Add: Character menu (customize your soldier)
- Add: New enemy - Ghosts (can't to be spotted and undetectable by thermal vision)
- Add: True FPS view
- Add: New option - Bad weather (fog - storm - mist - bolt lighting)
- Add: Ruined city on Avieno Land
- Add: Plains background on Avieno Land
- Tweak: SKS (sniper rifle) have better damages and range.
- Tweak: Weapons of soldiers have ironsights
- Tweak: AI soldiers use flashlights more often
- Tweak: Change all weapons position (holster)
- Tweak: Can shoot without aiming action (TPS view)
- Tweak: Crosshair always visible if don't run (TPS view)
- Tweak: Drone view
- Tweak: Camera position for aiming (FPS view)
- Tweak: Speed selected use image, not a text
- Tweak: HUD soldier
- Tweak: HUD drone
- Change: Speed character use only walk/run
- Fix: Realistic sniper always activate (even if disabled)
- Fix: Random animations freeze
- Fix: Weapon switch with roll animation provoke bug
- Fix: Enemies disappear when stop to use drone
- Fix: Get out of tanks
- Fix: Soldiers can talk even if dead
- Fix: Dragunov SVD haven't recoil
- Fix: River visual (Avieno Land)
- Fix: AI soldiers block again little wood fences (Avieno Land)
- Fix: Fall with a forward roll provoke bug when weapon switch animation used
- Fix: Strange camera shake with scope (shoot in fps view)
- Fix: Switch map shift menu
- Fix: Corpses disappear too fast
- Fix: Hostage teleport constantly when player use a vehicle
- Fix: Weapons no used visible with fps view
- Remove: Destructibles meshs (Destroy X), too bugs
- Remove: Minigun gatling removed (need improvements)

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