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Testing will be going live Friday, September 13th and will run through Sunday, September 15th.

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Noble's Land Alpha 0.4 testing will be going live Friday, September 13th. Testing will take place throughout the weekend and will be ending Sunday, September 15th. This will be an open test, simply download the installer from the downloads page here on This test will be for the Windows client only, Mac and Linux clients are being halted until the end of the alpha phase to increase production speed.

During the weeks until then I will be posting detailed information on all of the features you will be testing, along with videos and pictures to get everyone excited. This also means there will be new content for the Video Update series on YouTube, so being asked to "click subscribe" can be expected when that takes place. The first of these postings will focus on the currently unannounced Journal System, which will play a much larger role then the name implies

To get the excitement started, here is a comparison between screenshots of the previous version, Alpha 0.3, and the current version, Alpha 0.4. The most notable changes in Alpha 0.4's screenshot is the more vibrant colors of the GUI, a better matching pixel font, and an overhaul on the player's character display in the top/right.


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