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Hi there, the new Escape the Pacific version 'Alpha 02' is now available.

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Hi there,

the new Escape the Pacific version 'Alpha 02' is now available.

The top issue we were addressing is the temporarily disabled Save function. As we have almost completed the new Save system and because only a small bit as of now is missing we provide you as soon as possible - and as promised - with the save feature. What is still on our agenda is including the map, rafts, buildings on rafts and object placed on them in save data as making this come to life requires additional code for the new save functionalities.

Other major issues about weight and inventory issues we could also address. Many of them are fixed in this version, the ones remaining are a matter of ongoing bugfixing.

Besides that placing camp fires appropriately now works out well. For those who want the fire burning longer we have increased the value to 240 ingame minutes. Please note that this length value is applied to the Big Campfire only and there slighty reduced for the smaller tier fires (Small Campfire, Medium Campfire). For tools we have implemented durability dropping when crafting, building or hitting in general. Once durability drops to zero the item will break.


Save System:

01. Changed: Enabled "Save" button in Ingame Pause menu
02. Added: Added "Save Game" dialog
03. Changed: Enabled "Continue" button in SinglePlayer menu
04. Added: Added "Continue Game" dialog
05. Changed: "Load" button in SinglePlayer menu is hidden for now, with more save slots later reactivated
06. Changed: Enabled save for Player properties
07. Changed: Enabled save for Weather
08. Changed: Enabled save for touched/dropped items
09. Changed: Enabled save for crafted items
10. Changed: Enabled save for Buildings
11. Added: Save for Crates
12. Added: Save for Inventory Backpack
13. Added: Save for Inventory SideBag
14. Added: Save for Inventory ToolBelt
15. Added: Save for Pockets
16. Added: Save for Shells, Crabs (Dead and Alive), Bananas
17. Added: Save for Hints
18. Added: Save For Skills
19. Added: Save for CampFire
20. Added: Save for Banana Palms


01. Fixed: Correct weight calculation when dropping an item directly from the Inventory while holding another item in hands
02. Fixed: Fixed item disappearing when moving identical items to one slot with storage almost full
03. Fixed: Inventory overall Weight is now directly cleared to ensure there isn't any remaining not-zero-value
04. Fixed: Item disappearance from hand when the player moved other item to the hand slot
05. Fixed: Overall Weight displaying error
06. Fixed: Correct dropping items from the Toolbelt when in Inventory


01. Fixed: CampFire blueprint is correctly placed (not turning over)
02. Fixed: Don't place blueprint while clicking Hint Screen
03. Fixed: Equipping Oysters while swimming does not make player go airborne
04. Fixed: Fire-Saw has correct weight and volume
05. Fixed: Thick Branch has correct weight and volume
06. Fixed: Green and Brown Coconuts on Palms have correct weight and volume
07. Fixed: All Shards (Hammer, Axe, Knife) have correct volume
08. Fixed: Hammer, Axe and Knife have correct weight and volume
09. Added: What's new Menu button is highlighted when new information is unread
10. Tweak: The "Swim with Weight" Hint screens show up before the player starts to swim
11. Added: "Hit" sound for Primitive Knife and for all Shards (Hammer, Axe, Knife)
12. Added: Tools now break when Durability reaches 0 because of Hit activity
13. Added: Tools now break when Durability reaches 0 because of Crafting activity
14. Tweak: Durability of the Primitive Hammer and Primitive Axe was set to 1000 (hits)
15. Tweak: Burning time of the complete campfire now set to 4 ingame hours

To also accomplish implementing missing save functionality we are going to continue to work hard and won't miss to also keep you updated about inventory/weight issues. Further along we are also going look at the issues attaching and detaching raft bases. Minor issues are going to be fixed right off the bat once we are aware of those as far as our time allows us to.

Thank you for your understanding, your patience and all of the constructive feedback you provide us with in order to resolve the issues as soon as absolutely possible.


If you have any further questions, ask us. We will try to answer them in detail.

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