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Hey everyone, Update number 3 is here! Alpha 0.071 Build 24

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Hey everyone,

Update number 3 is here! Alpha 0.071 Build 24


- Skill tab is now active and allows to adjust some parameters of your character. In order to level up certain skills you would need to have a special drug called “Antrazidol”, which can be found around the city. Please, note that some skills are not fully finished ( they marked as “in Development”), so there won’t be any effect if try to upgrade those skills. Another important thing is that every character has different scaling, certain parameters will grow faster than the others.

- 7 new locations, which expand the total size of the world up to two square kilometres.

- Ice fishing. Two of the new locations have spots for fishing. The amount of fish you catch correlates with the hours spent fishing, like in the real life;) If a fishing spot was exhausted, new fish will restore in 48 in-game hours.

- New Items:
Fishing Tackle - craftable, requires for ice fishing
Grenade - hand grenade, very rare. Has 15% chance to spawn in the starting inventory.
Antrazidol - pills, requires to upgrade skills

- Improved physics for throwable items

- The day cycle has been increased to 30 minutes.

- Snow piles restore every 36 in-game hours

- Enemies respawn over time.

- Sleeping bag does not spawn in the inventory anymore. It will be somewhere in the starting house.

- Day counter. Small but a nice addition, when you die, you’ll get statics of how many days you managed to survive.

- Spawn of Car Batteries increased by 10%

Bug fixes

- world map bug ( unresponsive)
- blocked location on the world map
- in the starting location, was possible to get stuck between concrete blocks and the garage
- invisible floor in the big house
- oatmeal porridge craftable
- extra ladder was added in the location with the big house
- typos in survival notes ( our gratitude to the community)
- some minor bugs

Have a nice weekend,


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