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Finally the Fourth Alpha Release I have worked for all the Summer Vacation is ready!

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This is the change log:

- The Roman Empire has its COA again and the law of the forming title
are maintened
- Modified the Latin Empire scenario now it starts in 1204/8/1 with the
Kingdom of Thessalonika (with Boniface of Montferrat as King) formed
under the Latin Empire, Nikea and Trebizond are present too
- Added history of the "Empire of Bulgaria and Romania" and "Serbia and
- Now characters with the trait "Pretender Successor State of ERE" can
declare war on the successor, as with the West a Conference of Peace is
- Modified defines: a character can control 4 Duchies without penalties
- Modified de jure Kingdoms of Byzantium added Hellas, Epirus and Nikea.
Cyprus is de jure too with the duchy of Cyprus as its only vassal
- The Emperor of HRE can request the crown to the Pope if HRE is not his
primary title too
- Modified form HRE decision in CM scenario it does not destroy excess
Empire anymore and make de jure only the kingdoms of the primary Empire
- As the form HRE decision could replace Italia, Francia or Hispania
with HRE now the decision to reform the WRE takes this in account
- The decision to form the Empire of Russia needs to have the title
Kanate of Kievan Rus
- The Emperor of Trebizond has claim in Nikea and in the Greek territory
of Byzantium
- The Emperors of Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia and Trebizond now wear
Emperor crowns
- A Greek Kingdom is called a Despotate

Please test this version deeply as there are a lot of changes and let me known any bug encountered.

Thank you!

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