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The second alpha of Hoverbike Joust is out now, this time with Linux & Mac OS builds. Better air controls. Graphics/audio options.

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This is a quick update to announce the release of alpha 0.0.12 of Hoverbike Joust.

The previous version (0.0.1) was the first game project I've ever released, and I'm super thankful for all the support and enthusiasm so far. I got more downloads and than I expected, a few Let's Players posted videos, and the game is also being featured in the top banner here on IndieDB. Feedback from players has been really helpful, and to show my gratitude I was anxious to start implementing suggested changes right away, so I did! Below is a full change-log.

PS, I tried to fix the bug where players sometimes re-spawn in the same position and get stuck together, but my first draft of a solution was making the game crash. =[ So, for now, that bug remains.

-Improved in-air controls. They feel less rolly and more natural.
-Added crash/reset button (B on Xinput controllers) so you can bail if you fall off the track and can't get back on quickly, etc.
-Added a few graphics options to hopefully gain a few fps if needed (camera post-fx toggle, antialiasing toggle, vsync toggle)
-Added volume controls
-Improved camera orientation
-Added an outline to some UI text to make it more readable in the pause menus. Still need to do this for the HUD as well.
-First Linux and Mac builds (untested, controls not re-mapped)


I'd suggest keeping both of the roll motions (i don't know if theres a way for the controllers, but on a keyboard having WASD as the front, back and side tilts and the Q/E as the roll motions would work well) When you're in the air and are trying to get back down as fast as possible without losing momentum, the roll was very helpful.

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He lay out the controls like in Jet Moto! X/A to accelerate, Triangle/Y to boost, left;right to turn left and right, up to pitch down, down to pitch up and L2;R2/LT;RT to rotate! This layout is perfect!

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Tried on my linux pc and it didn't work, thought you might wanna know that. You can install a live Ubuntu on your pendrive so you can make tests on a linux environment without having to install it on your computer.

Also, the mechanics are a little too complicated for me, when I play racing games I usually only mind using the forward left and right buttons.

Fun game, liked the idea... good luck!

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BrantiskyInteractive Author

Thank you for the suggestion about Ubuntu on USB, I don't know why that hadn't crossed my mind! I will absolutely do this ASAP. Just found the guide on Ubuntu's site.

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