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Imperials, stand your ground, Rebels finish the empire, fight in the skies, or fight on the ground!

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Beside whats stated in the file article...

Other than AT-AT, AT-STs, and Snowspeeders, vehicles DO NOT HAVE SOUND YET!


Boba Fett (note, E-11 does not have a sound yet either)
Han Solo

Im working on getting everything perfected, so please excuse the messiness of the map. Distant should not be seeing, so i'm trying to create a workaround that, the background is a bit (very) bleak, so i'm also working on getting a better one...

Some side notes: This is a bit backwards (and IK how to fix it, I've just chosen not to as of now, and want feedback on this) BUT, the empire can and will roflstomp the alliance...if you are playing rebels, you will have to fight for every inch of ground, as the empire can and will easily make it to the main rebel spawn point in the rear, best advise, use y-wings to your advantage...once you loose your fighters as a rebel, you are finished...


Pandemic: original game, engine, models and textures.

[GT]-Gogie: Sky and certain dome models


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