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I finally completed most of the game (only some details missing like filling up the bus with more people), only the ending is missing! Also, in the next update there'll be a small demo.

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I finally completed most of the game and only need to finish up the ending and add some extra details, like filling up the bus as currently it's kind of empty.

In these days I slightly edited some details about the game and also decided to extend it further because I realized the game in the planned status was way too short, as the need araised I also added some more options to the settings screen, it pretty much looks the same as before except with those extra options added:

  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Terrain Quality
  • Shadow Quality

Although no release date is sure yet, it should be quite close since what is left mostly to do is the ending.
In the next update there'll be a small demo which will include a little less than 1/3 of the game, not much considering the general size of the game but I prefer to include a short demo rather than nothing at all.

As usual any comment of yours is more than welcome, you can also follow the development of this game and future ones on the official Facebook page.

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