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HDD crash, back in action... sorta? All in all there was a cataclysmic event that fried my Hard Drive and with it most of my materials I was using to mod Half Life: Source. However, the running copy of which I was testing has been preserved out of last minute (and unknowingly) backing up of the steam folder. Updates will continue, although intermittently as they usually were before the setback. Although even moreso now, that I've lost all my prefabs.

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One of the reasons for lack of development was due to a hard drive crash back in February.
Of course I had also been working on other stuff at the time and What-Life: Source was obviously low priority.

I recently discovered What-Life: Source was part of the partition I backed up prior to the Hard Disk crashing--- and by crashing I mean wore the heck out, the read-write head became faulty (Early symptoms were a blessing in preparation for it).

Its all there, almost like nothing ever happened. Started adding to it again periodically.

Before the hiatus I had been working on hacking up portions of Questionable Ethics, where I still have unsolved issues regarding mat_fullbright, irreversible AI disable, and several bug issues. Normally I'd overlook those seeing it only adds to the experience considering, however the issues are in the final map of Questionable Ethics where you have to escort 1 or 3 scientists to the door to open it. Obviously something you'd be incapable of doing if the AI were disabled.

I still have tons and tons of sounds to go through, reason being unlike other WTF messup mods, I plan to have as few re-used sounds as possible. However I refuse to acknoledge any memes involved.

I will not rely on crappy memes for humor, but randomness.
That too, is why I'm very hesitant to release it when its finished, I fear what annoying memes will become of it, seeing in this day and age where no one has any guidance all one has to do is say "Heil Hitler." and while people are giving him blank stares of astonishment and disgust, he merely replies, "its a meme, you dip!" and its apparently supposed to be alright and he is supposed to apparently gain some sort of medal for his part...

I hate memes now. They make the internet a worse place to live than when they were merely pictures of cats in tuxedos and statements you could relate to. They aren't even funny, which is why I keep them to a minimum in this mod.

But enough of that.
I may have lost all my source files (decompiled maps and all such prefabs) but I can easily, though painstakingly re-acquire them.

Basically "Its not dead yet."

Although also not going to be released anytime very soon either.

Like a wise man once said: "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." or something along those lines, not that quality is one of my goals, but completion rather.

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