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the time is almost here every1. Only a few more things to finish and the beta will be released probably before September 8th

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Ok so the last few days have been tough and confusing trying to put this map together and some points have become almost impossible for me to do. But i have only a few things left to complete then the mod will be finished finnaly. I have completed most of the random events and only a few more remain. I am now working on the "big secret" that will be very rewarding but also the hardest thing to obtain in the mod. It's tricky though because it requires lots of triggers and conditions to work and testing it will take a while since it's supposed to be triggered on accident at first unless u have done it before and u payed attention. So far i personally think the mod might not be all that great but then again it's just me testing it and idk what itll be like with more players on it so dont make a first impression just yet. Right now some of the triggers are a bit rough at first but they arent so bad that it ruins the game.They just could be better and i will keep working on them as much as possible. All the major things i have left to finish are putting in the creeps and being able to revive them when they die. I know there is some long process but i looked it over and thatll take me forever to do that so im coming up with my own way which will work just as well. I am guessing the mod will be released in about a week (which is all the time i have left because of school starting) if it is not released by September 8th then it will be a while but only because im startin high school and its gonna be rough lol. But anyway its almost done and a beta will be released any time now.

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