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F-15 Variants of some of the Allied Countries Which are : U.S.A, Japan, Korea and Israel. On a final Note: their will 4 more others but they will be most likely stolen tech. Credit: Gaming_Roach For F-15 Voxel.

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Allied F-15 country variants :

F-15 Variants

1 - McDonnell Douglas F-15C 'Eagle' Interceptor (Far Left) - U.S.A :

Wing Pylon Weapon = AIM-9X Short Range Heat Seaking Missile (Anti-Air).

Body Pylon Weapon = AIM-7 Medium Range Semi-Active Radar Missile (Anti-Air).

Role = Interceptor (Anti-Air only).

Ammo = 3

One of the United States Teen series aircraft which was introduced in the mid 1970's. It is given the role of pure air-defense unlike the Japanese variant it is slower and carries a higher ammo to fuel ratio.

2 - F-15J Mitsubishi 'Washi ? (Eagle)' Interceptor (Left) - Japan :

Wing Pylon Weapon = AAM-3 Short Range Heat Seaking Missile (Anti-Air).

Body Pylon Weapon = AAM-4 Medium Range Semi-Active Radar Missile (Anti-Air).

Ammo = 2

Role = Interceptor (Anti-Air only).

An aircraft which was produced by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries under- licences from McDonnell Douglas, a total of 223 aircraft's were produced for the Japanese air force. unlike its US variants its is slightly more faster but carries has a lower Ammo to Fuel Ratio.

3 - F-15EK Korean Air Industries 'Seullaem Igeul ? (Slam Eagle)' Attacker (Right) - South Korea :

Wing Pylon Weapon = AGM-130 Long Range Guided Missile (Anti-Ground)

Body Pylon Weapon = AGM-84 Medium Range Altimeter/Active Radar Missile (Anti-Navy).

Role = Attacker (Anti-Ground and Naval only).

Ammo = 2

Another Aircraft Variant of the F-15 which was made by the United States which specializes in Ground Attack. It was selected by Republic of Korea Air force in early 2000 to be their Attacker and Maritime defense Aircraft, unlike the Israeli variant which bests it at ground attack the Korean variant is better when it comes to naval warfare in which it can attack submerged threats if detected by destroyers.

4 - F-15EI 'Ra'am (Thunder)' Attacker (Far Right) - Israel :

Wing Pylon Weapon =GBU-16 (Guided Bomb Unit) GBU-16 - Mk 83 - 1000 lb High Explosive Bomb (Anti-Structure)

Body Pylon Weapon = GBU-32 (Guided Bomb Unit) GBU-32 - Mk 83 - 1000 lb High Explosive JDAM (Jiont Direct Attack Munition) Bomb (Anti-Ground)

Role = Attacker (Anti-Ground and Naval only).

Ammo = 2

Purchased in 1994 by the State of Israeli's Government to be its long range strategic bomber. Unlike the Korean F-15EK it specifically Specializes at neutralizing ground threats although it can attack naval threats but the Korean variant bests it at that.

Credit: Gaming_Roach For Original F-15 Voxel.

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