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I'm so glad to present you the list of Allies vehicle, this list can be modified during the development of the mod.

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Let's start :

Tier I :
: Sherman M4 Cruiser Tank, M3 Stuart Recon Vehicle, M22 Locust recon, M2 Medium Tank, T82 Tank destroyer, M37 Artillery.
FRANCE : AMX38 Light tank, D2 Medium tank, Renault UE 57 Tank destroyer, Lorraine39 L AM Artillery.

Tier II :
USA : M5 Stuart Recon Vehicle, M24 Chaffee Light Tank , T21 Light Tank, M7 Medium Tank, M4A2E8 Sherman Medium Tank, T1 Heavy tank, M6 Heavy Tank, , Wolverine Tank Destroyer , T49 Tank Destroyer, Hellcat Tank destroyer, Priest Artillery, M12 Artillery.
FRANCE : S35 CA Tank Destroyer , ARLV39 Tank destroyer, AMX40 Light Tank, AMX12T light tank , ARL44 >Heavy Tank, Lorraine 155 mle. 50 artillery , AMX 13 F3 AM artillery.
UK : Valentine , Crusader cruiser tank, Matilda, Cromwell cruiser tank, Churchill, Churchill VII, AT2 Tank destroyer, AT8 Tank destroyer.

Tier III :
USA : T71 Scout, T20 Medium, M26 Pershing, T69 medium, T26E4 Super pershing , T23 medium, T32 HEAVY , T34 Heavy Tank US.
FRANCE : AM 13 73 Scout, AMX M4 Heavy Tank, AMX 50 100 Heavy Tank, FCM 50t Heavy Tank, AMX AC Mle 1946 Tank Destroyer, AMX AC Mle 1948 Tank destroyer, Lorraine155 50 Artillery, Lorraine155 51 Artillery
UK :
Comet cruiser, Centurion mkI, Black prince, Caernarvon Heavy Tank, At 7 Tank destroyer, AT15A Tank destroyer, AT15 tank destroyer.

Secret Weapon :
USA : M46 Patton Medium, T54E1 Medium, M48A1 Patton, M60 medium, M103, T110E5, T57 Heavy tank, T30 Tank destroyer, T95 Tank destroyer, T110 E3 Tank destroyer, T110 E4 Tank destroyer.
FRANCE : Lorraine 40t Medium Tank , Bat chatillon 25t Medium tank, AMX 50 120 Heavy Tank, AMX 50 B Heavy Tank, AMX 50 FOCH Tank Destroyer, AMX 50 FOCH 155 Tank destroyer.
UK :
Centurion MK 7/1 Medium Tank , FV4202 Medium (105), Conqueror Heavy Tank , FV215b Heavy Tank, Tortoise Heavy tank, FV215b 183 Tank destroyer.

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