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Some news and surprises for Alliance at War. Please enjoy. (^:

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Part of me was surprised when I realized that my mod is now five years old. For anyone who has tried my mod, I hope you have been enjoying it. Originally it was going to be an A.I. with some text edits and changes -- basically a small patch while I get other things done -- but when I realized the fifth anniversary was just around the corner, I knew I had to at least had to do a little more than a simple patch. I will go over... Some of the stuff this update includes.

A few units will receive a nerf while a few others will receive a buff. Off of the top of my head, the A-wing will not have shields anymore, but is faster than a TIE Interceptor and will have a bit more hull strength -- remember I like canon and in canon the Rebel Alliance stripped the A-wing of its shields to give more power to its engines; I fixed the problem with the Rebel Alliance spamming the Boarding Shuttle -- yes I did notice that; I slightly changed the loadout on the Imperial Star Destroyer. It will now have ten turbolaser batteries, and four ion cannons; the Executor will move a tiny tiny bit faster; lasers in space battles will make larger explosions when they hit objects; the Rebel Alliance will now lose the ability to produce Z-95's at Tech Level three rather than two; and I added Blue Squadron for the Rebel Alliance unit. The rest you can figure out on your own. When have I ever told anyone everything about an update? Ha!

Anyway, it was difficult to figure out what purpose Blue Squadron will have. I wanted something more than a simple buffed-up X-wing squadron. So I gave them the ability to Destroy the Death Star. I see it like this: the Rebel Alliance's only defense against the Death Star is Rogue Squadron. That means the Alliance can only save a planet if Rogue Squadron can get to the planet in time. It creates problems if certain planets are cut off else where in the galaxy. If the Empire constructs the Death Star, and it is headed towards a planet that you cannot send Rogue Squadron to, you can recruit Blue Squadron.

Anyway, someone also wanted to know about cut content. I suppose I could share a few things that did not make it in to AaW.

Raxus Prime -- this was considered for a long time, but ultimately I decided not to add it. It was more than just coding in a new planet, I would have had to edit the whole galactic map simply because of where it would have been on the map.

Hailfire Droid -- I was on and off with this. I am aware that the Rebel Alliance adopted this unit in canon, and it seen action between 1 and 5 ABY, but I have already given the Rebel Alliance enough units.

Aplooine -- again this was another on and off decision. I like the name, and the fact that it aligned with the Separatist during the Clone War made it more appealing. My mod might not take place during the Clone War, but whenever something in Star Wars goes over the Clone War -- be it mod or anything else -- I generally favor the Separatists. They have awesome ships, awesome droids, and the fact that they mutinied against the Galactic Republic government gave me a good laugh. I always wondered what the Star Wars galaxy would be like if the Separatists won.

Shadow Trooper -- I am mentioning this unit because it was cut for a few years. Not only was it cut, but after I had decided not to add it in, I had forgotten about for a long time. But ultimately ended up adding it in the 5th anniversary update.

And about the installation, remember you must make certain that other mods are not installed. Some mods will add addition files to the base game folder, not just the mod folder. These additional files with cause the A.I. to crash an not do anything. If another mod required an installer, it most likely placed files in the base game folder. Make certain those are not there when playing Alliance at War.

Finally, in regards to Steam, I would like to help with users that play on Steam, but I have no experience with it. I might create a Steam account... Someday... Maybe... I do not know.


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