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I don't normally post my written story guides, but since this map is multiplayer I want to get more feedback from the community.

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Back story:
As the CDC and US government first learned of the infection they re-opened this century old asylum as a quarantine zone for those who were exposed. Everyone in the Pennsylvania and West Virginia, suspected of being exposed areas, was trucked to this area for inspection. However the area was eventually over run with zombies, leaving just four survivors who had been brought to the asylum by APC, only to have their own transport driver succumb to the infection before they arrived.

-Create a full five map campaign for play in both single player and versus mode.
-Provide some unique crescendo events and surprises.
-Ensure each map is well balanced in versus mode, and that survivors don't have too many places to hunker down.
-Keep quality high enough that the map doesn't look amateur made.


Intro Cutscene:The camera fades in, starting out just above the water tower. Building silhouettes in the distance hint at the asylum to come. The camera moves down, as it does the side of the water tower comes into view. On the water tower the words: "Allegheny Asylum" printed in faded letters. The camera pans down, overlooking our four survivors. They are standing outside an armored personnel carrier that has wrecked into one of the tower pillars. The front of the APC is on fire, water drips from the tower above. The camera zooms into the heads of the survivors and the players takes control.

First map:
Inside the APC there are four med packs, a shotgun and machine gun. The players gather their first level supplies.A heavy forest is all around. There isn't much cover other then the trees and a few rocks. The players head down the hill and pass though a grave yard on their way to the outskirts of the asylum compound. The come up to a chain link fence that surrounds the asylum compound. As they move along it there are a few holes to pass though. Once inside the perimeter the players are behind the first building. This building has a few rooms to explore on the first floor, and up some stairs to the third floor. The players exit the front of this building and find a road leading to their left, down a hill and to more buildings. They can follow this road, or some stairs down to the main road.From here they have three path options:

  1. Follow the fence. This leads them to a building near the fence with a few rooms to find supplies. But the woods behind the fence leave them open to attack from a smoker.
  2. Follow the road. This leads them though open ground pretty much straight to the safe room. Cars and trees can provide limited cover, but hordes would come from all directions. The only ammo point in this map will be in the middle of this road. An alarmed car will be within smoker range of the ammo pile.
  3. Go between the smaller buildings are the right. This provides alleyway style cover, but the shorter buildings can make for easy attack by a boomer or hunter.

The safe room is at the middle of the north-most wing of the asylum.

Second map:
In the safe room is a shotgun, machine gun, and 2nd pistol. Outside the safe room is a long hallway flanked by rooms on each side. The players follow this hallway into the far north wing of the asylum. The hallway ends in a 'T'. To the left is some rooms to explore, but the players must to right to continue on. Once in the larger part of the north wing the players will pass under a large hole in the ceiling where the 2nd story floor has collapsed. The players much travel past this and make it up a flight of stairs to the second floor. They have to pass around the hole in the 2nd floor, leaving this area dangerous to being pulled by a smoker. Once past the hole they fight their way down the hall and finally to some stairs leading to the third floor. On the third floor there will be what looks like a safe room, except that the roof will be open to the air where the ceiling has collapsed. This will in fact be a "Unsafe" room. When the players close the door to this room the walls will collapse, and hordes will start coming. A some point the floor below the un-safe room will give way, and the players can follow that to the 2nd floor. They will pass though some more halls and end in a safe room at the south end of the north wing.

Third map:
The safe room will contain level 2 weapons. The safe room will exit onto a elevated walkway that connects the north wing to the cafeteria building. The walkway however will be collapsed, forcing the players down into the courtyard between the asylum and cafeteria. They will make their way across the courtyard and enter the south end of the cafeteria building on the ground floor. They enter the store room of the cafeteria, then pass though the kitchen and service rooms. The roof of the kitchen is collapsed, and the players can see all the way up to the second floor, and the hole in the roof above. They finally head up some stairs to the second floor of the building. This will lead to a large eating room with lots of tables. Surrounding the room is lots of windows set up high enough that the players can't jump though. The ceiling of the room is also broken out leading to open sky. At the end of the room is the serving station. The serving station has pots and food heaters. The players much flip a switch that turns the power on to the cafeteria. The lights come on, and a dinner bell starts ringing. This calls in the horde. A players fight the horde the fire starts out in the serving area, eventually causing a boarded up wall to catch fire, opening a hole though the wall that leads to a hallway. The players go up some stairs and eventually out of the cafeteria building across another elevated walk way. They end up in the northern end of the south wing of the asylum. They have to fight their way down to the first floor, and into a fenced in exercise area outside. They finally end up at a safe room in the second half of the southern wing.

Fourth map:
The safe room will contain level 2 weapons and a 2nd pistol. The safe room exists into the far south end of the asylum. The players make their way south, and eventually exit into a brick enclosed courtyard. The players go across this court yard, heading back north and pass though a second enclosed courtyard, which has a broken wall. They pass though the hole in the wall and out towards one the administration building. They make their way though this building and back out into the open. From here they can make their way west, to the greenhouse. Here there will be a tractor which the players will have to turn on, this will run down the hill and crash into the side of the medical building, and catch on fire. The tractor will emit a loud horn when started, attracting a horde. The players fight off the horde as they wait for the fire to die down. The players then enter the medical building and make their way though a few floors of it, exiting finally out the front. They go outside and make their way to the side entrance of the southern most building, the tuberculous ward, and into the safe room.

Fifth Map:
The players make their way though the tuberculous ward, up and down a few floors. They finally exit out the front and onto a large open park area. They have to make it across the park area, and across to the main lobby of the Asylum. Just outside the lobby will be a mini-gun. Inside will be health packs and weapons. The lobby is be two stories tall, but above them several other floors have fallen though, making the entire area effectively four stories high. Outside, in front of the lobby, is a fountain. To the north is a small service shack. The park area will be mostly heavy woods to the north, and open ground to the south. Zombies can spawn on the roofs, on the upper floors, behind trees, and can come out windows in the asylum. The lobby will contain a radio that the players will use to call in a rescue. Once the rescue is called the players fight off waves of zombies and two tanks. Rescue will come in the form of a helicopter that will hover above the southern field. Players will climb a small ladder up to the chopper for rescue.



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