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I've finished all planned troops. Check out some pics of them.

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Hi followers and others!

Finally I've finished all troops I planned to include in my mod.
Available troops in Age of Blades are now:

Militia, Man-at-Arms, Long Swordsman, Two-handed Swordsman, Champion, Spearman, Pikeman
Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Knight, Chavalier, Paladin, Camel
Archery Range:

Archer, Crossbowman, Arbalest, Skirmisher, Elite Skirmisher, Cav. Archer, Heavy Cav. Archer

You can have a look at them listed in the mainpost or better pics in the pictures-section.
I hope you enjoy them!

I need to do some basic troop and equipment balancing and I'd like to finish one more multiplayer-map and then I'll start the beta-testing of the mod. So rejoice, rejoice the release comes nearer! far...

Albertus Magnus


Just one question: Will you make Single playar?

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Albertus_Ursus Author

I think I answered this question somewhere else.
No Singleplayer will be done unless I feel like it.
Keep your hopes low.
...even if a SP will be done it's quite different than
you would want it to be.

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Good news;)
And with the Singleplayer is an interesting question :D

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Will there be no nation specialist troops like the Cho ko nu or the Longbowman? Or are you adding them in to the singleplayer later? The hero's would work lovely in the SP. El Cid ;) Oh you could do the historical battles too as the custom battle.

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Albertus_Ursus Author

Sorry, no culture specific troops, no SP, no heroes, no historical battles.

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